View Full Version : new mandolin -- thanks

Aug-25-2009, 4:32pm
Mom said: always say Thank You, particularly when you mean it.

I just got the luthier's report on my new Breedlove mandolin and even sitting in the online retailer's storage for 9 months, all is well. Condition great, workmanship wonderful, and intonation right on.




There's no way I'd have made this leap without the availability of the Mandolin Cafe threads/answers, the tolerance of my newbie questions, and the gentle responses of the Mandolin Cafe members.

Thank You, all in general, and the responders to my threads in particular.

Mark Walker
Aug-26-2009, 10:23am
Congrats on the Breedlove. While I didn't chime in on your search, I - like you - am thankful for all the great information on this site! :mandosmiley:

PS - I'm not seeing any pictures! Hopefully you can get them to appear.