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Aug-24-2004, 7:25am
Just curious if anyone had worked out any mandolin tabs to Christy Moore's guitar music....He's one of my favorite Irish pickers.....I'd be interested if you have some to share.

Martin Jonas
Aug-24-2004, 7:47am
Well, Christy is not so much a guitar picker but a guitar strummer, but he certainly knows how to accompany a song effectively. A good source for Christy Moore songs is the Christy Moore Song Book (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0863220630/qid=1093354651/sr=2-2/ref=sr_2_3_2/026-3390767-7110850), which is pretty old by now, but still in print. You can get chords and melody line for his earlier songs from that, which at least gives you a start and includes some of his Planxty and Moving Hearts songs. Many of the songs from "Prosperous", "The Iron Behind The Velvet" and "Live In Dublin" are also in the Digital Tradition (http://sniff.numachi.com/~rickheit/dtrad/). Searching fro "Christy Moore" gives you 11 tunes, all of which seem to have been taken straight from the song book. I play a few of these on mandolin and it works fine.


Aug-24-2004, 4:10pm
If you follow this link you'll find a couple of dozen or more of his tunes.