View Full Version : Just Finished: J.L. Smith 5-String Mahogany

Aug-22-2009, 9:11am
New 5-string model: Solid one piece Sapele Mahogany body. Due to the nature of the extra weight and density of the Sapele, adds a bit more sustain.
This is the 1st one I've built with this body wood, and the results were very good. The grain gave a super look after final polishing, sort of an iridescent look that changes in the light. Overall I was quite pleased.

Aug-22-2009, 1:29pm
That's a real beauty John. I can't wait to get mine!

Aug-22-2009, 4:44pm
That is really cool and beautiful.

Jake Wildwood
Aug-23-2009, 7:55am
Really good looks!

Aug-26-2009, 10:13am
Plays like a dream and sounds like angellic!

Aug-10-2010, 12:24pm
The owner of this particular Mando. contacted me, and asked if i could convert to the new Dual Humbucker electronics configuration that I now offer. Yes! definitely! It involves quite a bit of work, but I can accomodate any of my prior customers with this conversion. Needless to say, his Mando. is back in my shop for the makeover!

www.jlsmithmandolins.com :mandosmiley:

Aug-10-2010, 1:25pm
This is the owner here. This is by far the finest of my seven really fine mandolins, and I miss it greatly while it's being upgraded. Had it not originally exceeded my hopes so amazingly, I would have been very reticent to have it modified, as this could put its superb sound at risk. But John has done such incredibly fine work that I cannot help but trust him and feel absolutely certain that my little sweetheart will soon be back with enhanced versatility and that same wonderfully sweet sound that puts a soul at peace with its soothing song. Hopefully John will document the upgrade here for others to see and consider for themselves. The wood he used is not only beautiful, but the finsh has a shimmer that is almost opalescent. But the true beauty of it is the amazing sustain produced by this exceptional instrument.