View Full Version : Pictures of Walnut Mandos and family, pls.

Aug-20-2009, 7:37am
I am trying to get a picture of what I would like for a custom walnut GOM. I would love to see pictures of your beautiful walnut mandolin family instrument. I am looking for different finish looks that go well with the fine figure of walnut. Thank you in advance.

Chris Biorkman
Aug-20-2009, 7:59am
Here are two. The first is a redwood top with a walnut back. I think they look nicer when the top is a little warmer looking than spruce. The second is all walnut, which also looks really nice IMO.

Gerry Cassidy
Aug-20-2009, 8:17am
Walnut is a great choice.

Here are a couple pics each of my Arches Flat top, and my Karol GOM (G%^$#r Orchestra Model :cool: )

The Arches is Claro Walnut from the Pacific Northwest, and the Karol is Canadian Black Walnut.

There are actual build pics of an Octave Mando I am having made with walnut B/S in the Darrell Pura Octave Build thread.

Aug-20-2009, 9:00am
Here's the walnut back on my Labraid 2 pointer.


I love the look and sound of walnut.


John Flynn
Aug-20-2009, 10:09am
Mederios Travel Mandolin and Parsons Flat-top

Jim MacDaniel
Aug-20-2009, 11:06am
Redline Traveler

Jake Wildwood
Aug-20-2009, 1:09pm
Walnut is an incredible wood for instrument making... and (personally) I think looks best in a clear satin or gloss, sans stain. It has such nice looks right off the bat.

Gerry Cassidy
Aug-20-2009, 2:13pm
I completely agree, Jake. I had an electric bass, years ago, that had a body made of solid walnut with a satin finish. It was heavy, but the walnut / satin was gorgeous.

I have attached a couple pics of an OM I just had made for me. One is "In The White" then with the poly finish. Walnut is much too nice to put a stain on it.

Lefty Luthier
Aug-20-2009, 4:53pm
Back cut from an East Texas black walnut tree where a big limb was attached. This old fellow has been around for 30+ years and still sounds great.

Michael Wolf
Aug-20-2009, 6:13pm
Pendennis (http://www.bouzouki.de/) A2:

Aug-20-2009, 7:22pm
I'm a walnut nut too. These pictures are delicious. Keep them coming. Here's my glossy Claro Walnut back laying on my eastern Black Walnut table top.

Aug-20-2009, 11:13pm
Here's an Arrow G5...

oldwave maker
Aug-21-2009, 9:28am
This desert canyon juglans nigra came from a tree across the creek that died in the early 70's, traded a mandolin for the entire standing snag in '91. The first 4 ft section has mild figure. about 50lbs/cu/ft, slightly lighter than brazilian rosewood, but without the annoying ring when tapped......my mentor used it for fiddle fingerboards, claimed it was harder than hammered owl s##t, I dont know about that since I never found an owl coprolite large enough for a board......one of my favorite local woods when bound with local arizona sycamore:

Aug-21-2009, 10:27am
Jamie, the grain on your 2 pointer is gorgeous. I want to thank you all and request you all keep em coming.

Aug-21-2009, 10:34am
The back and sides on this RedLine Traveler mandolin have been cut from a Claro Walnut billet that was originally destined to become a rifle to be made by the Winchester Rifle Co. For some reason, and older fellow in or around Chico, CA bought a number of these blanks, glued them into slabs, and made oval mirror frames. First big ones, then smaller and smaller, as he got a new frame from the inside cut-out of each previous frame. I guess this guy died sometime back, and I bought all of the old stock from a hardwood broker, back when I lived in Chico, now a dozen years ago.

For the past couple of years I have been using this walnut as one of the back/side wood options for my Traveler mandolins. This particular one just went in the finish room yesterday. This picture is with the first couple of shots of sealer on it, and not sanded back yet. I hope to get a couple of coats of lacquer on it later today.

This is my first build using the combination of walnut and redwood, so I am anxious to hear how this one sounds. Thanks to fellow builder, Jonathan Mann, for cutting loose of such an awesome looking piece of redwood!

Aug-21-2009, 10:49am
Here's the walnut back on my Labraid 2 pointer.

I love the look and sound of walnut.


I knew one of those would pop up soon enough lol.

Pete Braccio
Aug-21-2009, 11:55am
Here are a couple of my Trillium OM. Walnut back, Redwood top, Mahogany neck.


Pete Braccio
Aug-21-2009, 11:56am
One more time (with the pictures attached).


Patrick Hull
Aug-21-2009, 12:12pm
Very, very nice. Makes me want one. Jamie, I believe yours is sprouting legs.

Aug-23-2009, 9:16am
Here are two. The first is a redwood top with a walnut back. I think they look nicer when the top is a little warmer looking than spruce. The second is all walnut, which also looks really nice IMO.


i normally find that walnut is more bright and less resonant than redwood or spruce. so why all walnut? is it because it was to be a 12 string?

Aug-23-2009, 5:46pm
Walnut Knutsen Hawaiian guitar. (http://www.harpguitars.net/knutsen_images/hw7back.jpg)

Charles E.
Aug-24-2009, 6:02pm
Please dont be too hard on this one, not a mando but a banjo built for octave mandolin tuning. My good friend Tim Currin built it for me using wood he harvested from his Grand Dad's farm north of Oxford, NC. It has a 20-1/2 inch scale and a Whyte Lady tone ring. I just got it last week. It is very fun to play:grin:

Aug-24-2009, 7:31pm
It's a fantastic looking instrument no matter what it is. The builder did a great job.

Josh Kaplan
Aug-26-2009, 7:07pm
Here are some photos of a mandolin made for me by Larry Hopkins, in southern Indiana.

The top is 300-year-old pine and the sides and back are walnut. The neck is mahogany.