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Aug-19-2009, 6:31pm
Just got an iPod Touch and wondered if there was a MandolinCafe mobile site. If so, a link would be appreciated. Thanks.

Aug-19-2009, 6:45pm
I dont think there is a dedicated "Mobile" site version, but you may want to try going to www.skweezer.com from your touch and then to mandocafe from there.
I use this technique on my WinMobile device and it works quite well.

Scott Tichenor
Aug-19-2009, 6:48pm
It does: http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/archive/index.php

You manually get to it by clicking "Archive" in the lower right-hand corner of any page, then on the resulting page is a link in the upper right-hand corner the says "PDA" and that link takes you to the mobile version of the message board. Note that once you visit the PDA link it will set a cookie that keeps you within the mobile version. If you type in the address above on your phone, you'll still need to click the PDA link.

The rest of the Cafe does not have a mobile version at this time, but I run a T-Mobile G1 phone and have no problems browsing other parts of the site and perform a large part of the administrative functions through the regular web interface on my phone.

Note that images are not displayed in mobile version, but every thread will have a link to the regular version in case you want to see those.

Scott Tichenor
Aug-19-2009, 7:03pm
Another thought here. It would be quite easy to cook up a mobile version of the content held in the tabbed "Happening Now..." area on the front page. Mobile pages are essentially bare bones stripped down coding and it would be easy to recreate that as a mobile page. The problem though is converting the content at the end of those links which would be a fairly massive project for this mostly one-guy coding shop. Most of the important content flows through that tabbed area. Again, I don't have problems accessing that via a web browser on my mobile but realize that likely does not apply to everyone. Interested in feedback but can't necessarily promise a great solution.

Aug-19-2009, 7:07pm
Site works fine on my Treo 800w

Aug-19-2009, 7:47pm
It would be quite easy to cook up a mobile version of the content held in the tabbed "Happening Now..." area on the front page.

Yes, please! If possible, it also would be great to have "New Posts" show up in the mobile format.

John Flynn
Aug-19-2009, 8:50pm
Yes, please! If possible, it also would be great to have "New Posts" show up in the mobile format.

Scott Tichenor
Aug-19-2009, 8:59pm
I did a few searches in the software support forum for this product but did not find any hacks pertaining to new posts in mobile version. There's a version 4 of this software coming in the future that's a very new and significant upgrade. Doubtful I'll jump on that right away because those usually come up with a lot of bugs/problems. I did read that v4 will be much more oriented to mobile, but we'll see.

Scott Tichenor
Aug-19-2009, 9:28pm
So here's a very quick and dirty last 10 posts in more of a mobile fashion (http://www.mandolincafe.com/mobile.html). I can remove the dates and times easily enough. That's almost a moot point on this site with the traffic we get. Just don't know if this is that useful but will defer to some feedback. Of course if you click on those links it'll take you to the full version right now. That might be possible to swap that so the link goes to the mobile version. Kept the Classifieds in there just for fun. I don't know if this has value or not. Remember, this is a 5-minute effort, not something that's necessarily going to stay around.

And obviously, you need to view this through mobile to get an idea what you're seeing. No style sheet applied even so a bit rough.

Heh. 4.9K with content. Google would like that.

Aug-20-2009, 12:05am
I have had no problems accessing the Cafe from my BlackBerry!

Aug-20-2009, 11:33am
Scott, thanks for your efforts. I have no problem "seeing" the site on my iPod, just think it would be easier to navigate if slimmed down. :)


Aug-20-2009, 5:38pm
I have accessed the site on my Motorola Q. It works but I am having to scroll side to side (even with the PDA version).

I just tried it on my wife's iphone and it works great. I can see myself accessing the site much more with an iphone.

Aug-24-2009, 10:14pm
For WinMo users I would recomend Skyfire (http://www.skyfire.com/) as a browser. It's very fast and runs flash, etc. like a full browser. Opera mobile is pretty good as well, but Skyfire takes the cake for speed and compatability.