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Taylor and Tenor
Aug-14-2009, 9:07am
I came across a mini-electric guitar at the Transfer Station (Town dump) the other day and thought I might be able to make an electric octave mandolin from it as it had a 19 scale length.

Once I got it home, I narrowed the width of the neck, cut down the in-line tuners to four, removed a couple tail stock saddles, reworked the head stock a little, threw on a set of Irish tenor banjo strings and tuned the instrument to GDAE. Need to cover the fifth tuner hole with Irish half cent piece and the conversion will be complete.

I pluged it into a friend's practice amp and it sounds great. The ability to bend the strings a little adds a new dimension to the sound but probably won't go over too well at an ITM session.

Not that I am into electric mandolins but it will go along with an Aria four string double point mando that I reworked a few months ago.

Aug-15-2009, 1:04pm
very cool- looks like you have much better junk out there than we do here.

Aug-18-2009, 8:37am