View Full Version : Silverangel econo distressed, the latest

Aug-11-2009, 7:24pm
Here's an econo with a monster sound, spruce top, oil varnish, one piece back, red maple.

Aug-11-2009, 7:36pm
Nice touch, Ken!
What part of the country is this one headed?

Aug-11-2009, 7:42pm
This one goes to Mo. It sure sounds good, I'd like to see how it sounds in a month or so, from the way it sounds already, it's a monster.

man dough nollij
Aug-12-2009, 4:02am
Hi Ken,

I'm not a luthier, but I follow this stuff closely as a hobby. Do you do anything beyond staining with black and sanding to bring out the figure? I realize this may be one of those things where you could tell me, but you would have to kill me. I don't need to know quite that bad, but I'm curious.

No killing! Just curious.

Seriously, you did a good job of bringing that figure out. Good work.


Aug-12-2009, 6:59am
Well I use several colors and Neets foot oil, 0000 steel wool and my hand. Seems as though it's never the same way though, just however I feel like doing it.

Aug-12-2009, 12:06pm
Nice looking mandolin. Great finish.

Mark Walker
Aug-12-2009, 8:36pm
Ken - another great looking mandolin. Seems like most of your 'econo' versions of late do not have a lacquer finish. (Which I think was a finish offered to keep the econo-mando series so nicely priced!)
Are these oil-varnished mandolins ordered that way, or are you also offering econo mandos with both oil and lacquer finishes at slightly different price points?

Mine oil varnish finish still looks great - only some 'natural' distressing thus far after almost four years! - Mark

Aug-12-2009, 8:59pm
Mark, the econodistressed has oil varnish. I've been making almost all econodistressed lately, it's a better deal. Thanks,

Skip Kelley
Aug-14-2009, 6:53am
Ken, Beautiful work as always! I love your distressing; lit looks very authenic!

Aug-14-2009, 6:15pm
Hey Ken, I was poking around inside #285 with a dental mirror just out of curiosity and saw a few lines of writing that had "......" at the end like it was a short paragraph or something, but I couldn't make out what it said. Are these just notes about the plates? Did you used to brace with tone bars sometime in the past then switch to X bracing?

Aug-14-2009, 8:27pm
hey mandohack, don't pay any attention to that writing in there. That came from some old violin that I opened up one time from the 1700's that had some writing in it about the life of the maker. I just thought it was interesting and might be for somebody else down the road too. Sometimes I write in Spanish, sometimes English. Sort of "What's going on at the time".

Aug-16-2009, 4:05pm
Well, now that I know it's in there I can't keep from wondering about it. Next string change I might pop the top off to take a closer look.:)) Maybe it's the mystery writing that makes it sound so darn good. And I thought it was those little F-holes!

Aug-18-2009, 1:20pm
well, I'm afraid that might void the warranty! ha ha....:))