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Ed Lee
Aug-10-2009, 9:34am
My paternal grandmother's Supertone mandolin is now mine. The head and tear drop body are the same as that prior shown. The difference is that mine has no star inlay in the head although the head shape is identical and mine has inlaid brownish burl fingerboard as extends to the edge away when playing and has a scalloped edge toward bridge. As a brass musician (secondary occupation) about to undergo extensive dental work, I now intend to learn to play this mandolin as such is now being restrung and otherwise checked out.

My label is still intact and has lined space for style and number (serial ???) but if such were ever imprinted or hand entered such is not legible now absent forensics.

I am cognizant that this mandolin is low end quality as I'm positive my grandmother couldn't afford more, but it should be good enough for me to learn on.

Digital photos are available, but I couldn't figure out how to post them.

Ed Lee

Aug-10-2009, 10:03am
There wouldn't have been a serial number, there might have been a model or catalog number as Supertone was a Sears brand name.

D C Blood
Aug-10-2009, 12:56pm
Wasn't the Sear's brand "Silvertone"? Or did they have both?