View Full Version : Rigel Q95 Petit Bouche

Aug-08-2009, 11:22am
Just added this beauty to my collection.

Jill McAuley
Aug-08-2009, 11:52am
Nice! What's the sound like? A few of them have come up for sale and I've always been tempted.


Aug-08-2009, 12:01pm
I've only played it by itself so far. I like to get to know a mandolin before making comparisons but first impressions are between oval and f hole sound, lots more clarity and projection than a typical (?) oval hole mandolin.
More later...

Jim MacDaniel
Aug-08-2009, 2:55pm
Nice acquisition -- I've always loved that Espresso con Panna Q. (Never played one, but always admired them.)

Ted Eschliman
Aug-08-2009, 4:10pm
This was actually my brainchild, a simple idea working with Rigel--put a lap corner on an A+ deluxe, have Pete Langdell carve the inside to sound as close to a Gibson teens, and cover it with a cosmetic panache. I'm kicking myself for letting mine go. They are magnificent instruments. "Tone of the early 20th century, but the feel and stability of 21st century technology."


Peter Mix came up with the idea of twisting the hole in homage to the Petit Bouche hole on gyspsy guitars, but most of them were made with a more traditional oval.

Brandon Flynn
Aug-08-2009, 4:34pm
I love all of Rigel's designs. I'm glad langdell is still making them, though no longer under the name. I hope to acquire one someday...

Aug-08-2009, 7:14pm
Very Cool, Trev....I love the gypsy hole...and I am sure it sounds amazing!

The G5 is serving me very very well!!!...I have conversed a bunch with Pete...he is an awesome dude. Hope he keeps building his instruments for a long time....


Aug-09-2009, 4:49am
Very nice!