View Full Version : TEF files for Blue Moon of Kentucky

Aug-21-2004, 8:25am
Am I missing something, or is there no TEF files available for Blue Moon of Kentucky at mandozine or alltabs? I was listening to my BG Mando EXtravaganza CD's and wondered about the arrangements that might be out there, but no luck. (well I didn't try mandozine today, but I downloaded their whole collection some time ago and it wsn't there then...)

Anyone have one?


Aug-21-2004, 9:31am
I have it. I got it from Co-Mando before the name change. I would expect it's still there, but who knows. PM me your email address & I'll shoot it to you.

Aug-21-2004, 9:32am
It's also a free download on Jay Buckey's website. Has a pdf of the tab along with real instrument backup & singing.

Aug-21-2004, 9:23pm

Aug-22-2004, 12:03pm
I saw one just some hour ago in the zip file from Mandozine while looking for Beaumont rag, so it is there. Download the whole zip file named bluegrass, there's lots of goodies there including Blue moon of Kentucky.