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Aug-03-2009, 1:09pm
this is a song for norah jones. if anyone knows her - or knows someone who knows her - or knows someone who knows someone who, etc., etc. - and thinks she might like it, pleeeease let her know. i couldn't do anything on the mandolin that's even remotely like her luscious piano chords but ... there you go:

Aug-03-2009, 1:31pm
Very nice Bill! I liked it a lot. Too bad I don't know Nora or anyone she knows. I'd recommend it to her if I did. Good singing as well. I hardly noticed your Italian accent. (Ha!) A little mando break in there would have been nice too.
Keep writing those songs. You've got talent!

Paul Statman
Aug-09-2009, 11:12am
Nice one, Bill!

Rob Fowler
Aug-09-2009, 3:12pm
Awesome, Bill! I always enjoy your singing and simple, yet elegant, chord accompaniment on the mando! Great song! If I ever have the pleasure of meeting Nora I'll definitely point her in your direction:grin:

Les Corley
Aug-11-2009, 12:10am
Bill that was beautifull, keep up the good work & keep on writing