View Full Version : Electric tenors?

Jul-29-2009, 1:14pm
Hi all, this is a long shot, but does anybody know where a guy could get a tenor telecaster or something along those lines? There's a very pretty example here that Joel Eckhaus makes - http://www.earnestinstruments.com/tenorcaster.html - but I was hoping to spend less than that.

Thanks, Trevor

Jul-29-2009, 5:05pm
Many of the other emando luthiers will also make you a tenor version.

Mike Soares also used to import solidbody telecaster shaped tenors from China (that were generally nicer than his Portuguese imports), but I'm not sure he does that anymore. Sometimes these pop up on ebay.

Jul-29-2009, 5:19pm
One of the Soares'ys is in the Classifieds right now ... NFI. I've dealt with the seller and he's a good guy.

Jul-30-2009, 1:14pm
I have the above mentioned Soares'y Tele Tenor in the classifieds. It's a sweet, moderately priced guitar.I'll send you a personal message about it Trevor. Thanks, Steve "Chief" Johnson.