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Aug-20-2004, 7:35am
I admit that I play more blues on acoustic guitar than on mando. #But I sure like the songs that sound 'right' on mando. #And I would like to learn more. #Here are some of my mando blues favorites.
Nobody's Dirty Business - (Mississipi John Hurt)-key G
Midnight Special - Leadbelly - key G
Alberta - Learned it from a Clapton album - key A
# (G # capoed 2)
Blues Stay Away - traditional - key G #
Move It on Over - Hank Senior - key E (D capoed 2.
# I wear a harmonica harness and blow some harp on the middle 3 listings.
# What are your favorites? #
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Aug-20-2004, 11:05am
I play a quite a few blues tunes on mando. I think the mando is an excellent blues instrument and I've actually sat in with a straight electric blues band and they love it!

Here's a few of my favs.....
Sittin' on top of the world (slower blues style, not bluegrass)
Thrill is gone (garcia/grisman style, but still blues)
Deep River Blues
Deep Elem Blues
Crossroads - Sammy Bush style
Folsom Prison Blues
Hesitation Blues
Red House
.......plus a couple of originals

Aug-20-2004, 11:13am
Thrill Is Gone
Every Day I Have The Blues
St. James Infirmary
Bloodshot Eyes
Filthy Rich
Milk Cow Blues
Blues For Dixie
Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
Viper's Drag
Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
Highway Of Sorrow (bluesy version)

Plus anything else I can throw a few sevenths at!

Aug-20-2004, 12:13pm
Bye Bye Blues
Mood Indigo
St. Louis Blues

John Flynn
Aug-20-2004, 2:13pm
Florida Blues in D

mando bandage
Aug-21-2004, 7:24am
Death Don't Have No Mercy by the Rev. Gary Davis

Tab on the net somewhere


Aug-21-2004, 8:04am
Stormy Monday the Allman version...

Aug-21-2004, 8:40am
Stormy Monday the Allman version...
Oh yeah, now yer talkin', great tune for a blues jam! http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/cool.gif

Aug-21-2004, 10:28am
That chord progression really opens up a lot of possibilities..you can play straight pentatonic or a blues scale and then start adding those "outside" notes...you can follow the rising minor chords in the progression...it is a real nice ride to take...

Aug-21-2004, 3:00pm
bue monk of course...
all blues
Mr. PC (easy to throw down some bluesy leads on)
foggy mtn special i think thats the one im thinkin of... hmm
and lots more!

Aug-21-2004, 4:44pm
Voodoo Child
Pride and Joy
I'm Ready
I Wants To Be Loved
Wang Dang Doodle
La Grange
One Way Out (Muddy ala Allman Bros)


Aug-22-2004, 3:21am
Sleeping by myself ( Charlie McCoy)
Garbage Man Blues ( Willie Hatcher)
Everyday I have the Blues ( Carl Martin)
Keep on drinking ( Johnny Young )
Diving Duck Blues ( Yank Rachell )
Stomp in E ( Niles Hokkanen )

And some others ...


Aug-22-2004, 11:57am
Wow, so many songs I need to hear, choose and learn. Thanks. Jack

Aug-23-2004, 1:53pm
too many to mention and many mentioned already. been playing around with "juanita stomp" on the s.james video- lots of fun.

Aug-23-2004, 5:53pm
I really like the Jelly Roll Morton stuff-Dead Man Blues, Cannon Ball Blues (is this what we feel when someone is shooting cannon balls at us??), or New Orleans Bump (fantastic!).

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Aug-24-2004, 7:33am
Most blues are naturals for learners on mandolin. Usually fairly slow, simple chord patterns, usually fairly simple melody. One of the learning techniques I use is to play melody or counter melody using single string picking and tremelo and slowly work on inserting two or three sting pair chords. One advantage of the blues for learners is the simple chords used in most original mandolin blues tunes.

like Ira, I too am working my way through the James Blues Video. Slow going - but there are a lot of techniques to become familiar with. Worth the effort.

Aug-24-2004, 8:12am
Yep, that Steve James video does have alot of great tips, I use alot of the basics in it every time I play it seems, and have still hardly scratched the surface.

Aug-24-2004, 11:01am
Salty Dog Blues
Folsom Prison Blues
Freight Train Blues
Sittin On Top of the World
Hot Tamales
True Life Blues
Evening Prayer Blues

Aug-24-2004, 3:20pm
Blue Drag
Blues for Ike
Minor Blues
Limehouse Blues, c'est manouche JB

Aug-24-2004, 4:31pm
Yeah, I love the blues too...
Who has the chord progression for Stormy Monday Allman Bro style?
Here's some I play:
Blue Grass Stomp
Watson Blues
Carroll County Blues

Mike Bunting
Aug-24-2004, 9:17pm
I'm working on anything I can find by Blind Willie Johnson, my fav to date and I've listened to a lot of blues over the years.

Sep-02-2004, 12:00am
Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a-ling"
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Dennis Schubert
Sep-02-2004, 9:25am
A few more...

Monroe's Blues (nobody mentioned that already?!?)

Great Big Woman and a Little Bitty Bottle of Wine

I Know My Baby Loves Me in His Own Peculiar Way

Sep-02-2004, 9:31am
Dark Side of the Street

I thought this was good acoustic, but it's killer on emando.

Keltic Fiddler
Sep-03-2004, 8:56am
A couple of you on this thread have noted a blues mandolin video by Steve James. Can anyone tell where I can find a copy of this?


Sep-03-2004, 10:53am
we started doing aint no sunshine last week- yum

Sep-03-2004, 1:14pm
"Yeah, I love the blues too...
Who has the chord progression for Stormy Monday Allman Bro style?"

G7 C7 G7 G#7 G7 C7 G7 Am7 Bm7 Abm7 Am7 G7 C7 G7 D7...this is from memory, so please don't shot me if I'm off here....

Peter Hackman
Sep-19-2004, 3:20am
Blues For Dixie

Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out

Plus anything else I can throw a few sevenths at!
Nice choice, as these are not ordinary twelve bar blues,
a fact that makes you listen for new ideas.

I might add the Western Swing steel guitar piece
"Panhandle Rag" that I blow on A LOT (in the key
of E, sometimes guitar, someetimes mando) -
as I explained to a jazz musician, it's just the blues
with the changes permuted.

Normally I prefer to make up my own material, but
there is one traditional piece that I play,
Corrine, Corrina, in the key of B flat.
That's a very natural key on the mando (and violin).

Sep-19-2004, 6:14pm
I often play Stevie Ray's versin of Buddy Guy's Mary Had a Little Lamb with the band. I used to also do Sam Bush's version of Crossroads and Sailin' Shoes.
On my CD, I did a cover of Cream's Politician with a bunch of mandolins and mandolas and had Charlie Provenza take a mandolin solo. You can hear an .mp3 clip of it off my website.


www.dwightmark.com (http://www.dwightmark.com/SoulsEngines.htm)

Joel Glassman
Sep-21-2004, 12:32pm
"Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"
"Sportin' Life" "Kindhearted Woman" "Walkin' Blues"

Sep-22-2004, 3:26pm
I'm learning the old song, 'Make Me Down A Pallet On The Floor' the way Gillian Welch does it on her new CD. Great song the way she does it. I hear two minor chords. I am doing it in C with the chords being C,G, Em and Am (no F).
Give Gillian a listen. Jack http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif

Sep-22-2004, 3:47pm
Keltic, There are 4 of these DVDs on Ebay right now. I just bid on one- please don't bid against me! Looks like they are mostly going for about $18-$20 plus shipping.
http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif Jack

Sep-23-2004, 12:08pm
There are several of those Steve James DVDs on e-bay right now. I put in a bid. Jack.

Sep-28-2004, 10:31am
I bought one of those Steve James DVD's off of eBay, and should have read the description better. The seller is obviously just copying the DVD and printing a copy of the DVD label onto it. I received a scratched DVD in a plain generic plastic case, and that's ALL. It doesn't come with any of the chord charts or tablature that should come with the DVD. Buy from Homespun, you'll get the real deal.