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John Malayter
Jul-22-2009, 9:29am
Audey has asked me to take a couple pictures of a new mandolin going to a customer in Europe. I thought they looked pretty good and wanted to see what everyone thought.

John Malayter
Jul-22-2009, 9:47am
a couple more.....

It just had color applied but I thought it was perrddy....

They'll be more when he buffs this out.


Skip Kelley
Jul-22-2009, 10:14am
Thats a nice looking mandolin! I love the heel carving!!

John Malayter
Aug-07-2009, 9:02am
Here are some updated photo's of this mandolin with a customized pickguard

Steve Perry
Aug-07-2009, 9:39am
Beautiful pickguard!!!

Doug Edwards
Aug-07-2009, 10:39am
Did he cut and inlay that pg by hand? Outstanding work, on Maple no less.

Aug-07-2009, 10:55am
Now there is a pick guard that will not be removed.

John Malayter
Aug-07-2009, 1:49pm
Did he cut and inlay that pg by hand? Outstanding work, on Maple no less.

Yessir, all by hand. I believe he told me 5 days of his life went into that sukka.

Aug-11-2009, 4:26pm
What a beauty! Stunning back! Pickguard is "over the top" Great work. I really like the scroll too, it is raised higher on the top half than most, gives it a grand look! JD

John Malayter
Sep-19-2009, 7:10am
Here is the finished mandolin complete with white custom Calton Case. I played this although hesitantly and It sounds fantastic. For being strung up for about an hour, it was clear and very even across the fret board and has a great "pop".

I'm impressed with this instrument, Audey has spent a lot of time on tuning and finish and I think its a beautiful mandolin.

Sep-19-2009, 10:26am
That's a striking looking custom build. The heel and the pickguard are very artful. I expect the customer will be blown away.

John Malayter
Sep-19-2009, 11:02am


John Malayter
Sep-19-2009, 11:13am
last 2, this dial up is k i l l i n g......me

sorry for the delay.

This truly is a fantastic mandolin. We talked a little about his carving technique and he's told me that he's found a way to make his mandolins really consistent. He's got a couple more that are close to being finished, ones going to Dennis at the mandolin store which has a cedar top that is way cool. There are two more that at least in the white have great resonance.

Makes me want to sell my "distressed" Ratliff and have him build me a new one, ohhh now thats a good idea.


Sep-20-2009, 3:38pm
That is some outstanding work. I have always like Ratliff mandolins, and that one in particular is probably the best example I have ever seen. You are one lucky mandolin playing son of a gun.