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Aug-19-2004, 3:17am
1)I am not too contend with the recording quality of my PC-mic, especially now that Ive heard some of you guys out there do really good takes.
Im thinking of connecting my Shure SM57 with the computer, but how do I do that? I understand that it needs some sort of a "box" in between the 57 and the PC - would that be a preamp, or what? (I am not much of a sound-wiz, but want to learn)

2)Is anyone familiar with "The Unreel"? Ive heard it with Wayne Fugate. I just found it as a free download on the internet and burned it on a CD. I am able to get the main idea of the tune, but I wonder if any tabs are available? I believe I found it at Mandolin Cafe MP3s, but cant seem to find it now. I wonder where it was.

Martin Jonas: Dont hesitate to upload some of your Celtic stuff - looking forward to listen!

Sren / sjusk

Aug-19-2004, 3:21am
Silly me!

The Unreel is listed in Mandolin Cafe MP3s!!!!!!

Im getting old.

Sren / sjusk

uncle ken
Aug-19-2004, 12:34pm
You will need a microphone preamp or you can use a simple mixer which will have a built in preamp circuit. I happen to have a small mixer with a stereo output that I use for this which has the added advantage of letting you pan the track. Someone can probably recommend an inexpensive preamp that you can mail order. You will then plug it into the line input on the computer which will sound alot better. You will also need adaptor cables from the preamp to the computer.

Aug-25-2004, 1:51am
Uncle Ken, I thought it would work something like what you explained. I needed an overview of the setup, what the "box-in-between" is called etc., and you made that clear to me - many thanks.

About "The Unreel": Wayne Fugate not only plays the tune with his band "Out To Lunch", he also wrote it!
Wayne saw my post and contacted me, offering all the help I need to learn "The Unreel". Isnt that being helpfull?
Since I am a lousy note-reader, Wayne put it in Tabs for me and mailed it to me!!!
This is the true spirit of Mandolin Brotherhood.

You can listen to "The Unreel" listed in MC MP3s. A good reel alaways put me in a good mood - and this one certainly does!

Sren / sjusk