View Full Version : Gibson Bridge?

Matt Bowe
Jul-21-2009, 7:29am
This bridge is on a 1916 A1
FON 2659 Ser. 25869
Is this a Gibson design?

Jul-21-2009, 8:30am
Here's a picture of a 1916 A4 bridge from the Mandolin Archives with a close serial number.

Jul-21-2009, 10:03am
Is this a Gibson design?

Not sure about that, but Gibson used them.

Patrick Gunning
Jul-21-2009, 12:31pm
My 1918 Gibson A used that same bridge.

Matt Bowe
Jul-21-2009, 4:58pm
Thanks to all for the replies.
I had never seen this style bridge before and wondered if it was an after market item or was
put on the instrument at "The Factory". I didn't find another bridge in the case, so...

There are several thin shims fitted into the slot so that the height of the individual A and E and the combined G and D inserts could be adjusted.
Somebody thought about that one.