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Aug-19-2004, 1:20am
im sittin here, not havin to get up early for work because of some equipment failure at the shop and this tune ....... play it faster and like bebop flavor or play it like monk id tab it out but i dont know whats up with that.. and this tune well here...

D -0-1-2-3- ---5-6-7-8- --3-5-3-2-1 G -5-6-7-6-5--
(BbMajor ) (Eb7) (BbMajor) (Bb7)
D -5-6-7-8-- A -1-2-3-4-- D -3-5-3-2-1- G -5-6-7-6-7--
(Eb7) -/-/-/-/-/(Gminor 6 )-/-/-/-(Bb7--A7--Ab7--G7--)
D -3-3-3-3- G -2-------- D -3-5-3-2-1- G -5-6-7-
D -3-5-3-2-1- G -3-5-3-----

monks got the blues......... hes got em.

when playing back up use this lil ditty for the last few bars.. the BbM and the F7....
B--Bb-- Gb--G-- Db--C-- F--Gb--F--

sorry if this is kinda rough (obviously) but i just knew that this tune wasnt in the tabs and its such a good mandolin tune it can be played at most any pace.. a nice moderate blues jam suits me.. its a good practice tune to work on some runs and using chromatic style solos...... heres to sleepin in!

Aug-19-2004, 12:59pm
It is a great tune on the mando, it just fits right on there. Improvising is another story for me... never been good in Bb, but this is good incentive.

Aug-20-2004, 12:10am
just wanted to add a few notes on the song...
at the part where it goes D 3-3-3-3- G -2- the 2 (A note) is subbing for an actual F note, since you cant get that low on the mando... A works just fine and sounds great when played with another insturment(s) playing the actual F note.

Jim Garber
Aug-20-2004, 5:57am
I think I used to play it transposed in G and it fits quite well on the mandolin.


Aug-20-2004, 11:00am
After reading this post yesterday I got in my car and our local public radio station was playing this song. Might be an omen!

Aug-20-2004, 11:10am
very cool tune, I glad to know other mando players enjoy this one too. I also find Bb very challening, I sometimes cheat and capo, but I've also found I can noodle in Gm and get away with it. Gm is the relative minor of Bb (I think), so it works for blues. I do play the melody in a closed postion though, just in case someone moves it on me at a jazz jam.... damn those horn players! Bb, Eb, Ab all day long!

Aug-21-2004, 2:40am
make it easy and just dont think about any notes behind the third fret. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif
play the seventh flat and natural, and play the third flat and natural sometimes omiting the 2 all together.. that scale.... wooo doggy!!!! that monk blues rocks. the tune is actualy played in this key im pretty sure of it at least, last i checked... but it need no capo.. it fits very nicely onto the mando neck. its actualy a great mandolin solo tune even. i played this song in a trio i was in for a while as well. its got a nice groove, instead of going down the neck to play the Gm6 go up and play the same three fretted notes omit the E string ifyaknowhatt i mean??? or dont omit it open....

Aug-21-2004, 12:19pm
For backup I just use I-IV-V, and I do use frets behind 3 (especially on the D string). Definately no need for a capo! I might need to try to get some bluegrass buddies onto this one...

Aug-21-2004, 2:52pm
yeah i was just sayin..... thats a way to make it easy.. i dont do it that way either... hehe

Gminor should help with Bb too.