View Full Version : New (old) bowl-back mandolin from Topeka

Leigh Coates
Jul-19-2009, 8:52pm

I'm in Wichita on holidays, and when we passed through Topeka I found this really wonderful little music store called "The Kansas Guitar Exchange". Hanging in the window was this beautiful old mandolin and I couldn't resist it. Now I'll have to fly home to Saskatchewan with it in my lap,... but that's OK.

It's in perfect condition, only one tiny ding. I don't think it was ever played. The label says it's a Suzuki, made in 1975. The strings are really old,... I can't wait to get them changed -- but it sounds pretty good even with the old strings.


Jim Garber
Jul-19-2009, 9:55pm
Sounds a looks about right. They are decent bowlbacks. I don't think you have to put superlight strings on this one, you can certainly get lights on it if it is in good shape -- in fact it would probably sound better with heavier strings than I would normally recommend for the real old vintage bowlbacks. Enjoy it!

Leigh Coates
Jul-20-2009, 9:42am
Thanks Jim. I was wondering what strings would be best for it. I was going to stick it out with these old strings until I get home in a week.

I didn't bring a mandolin on this trip, to make the traveling easier. But now I'm questioning my logic, because the trip is so much better with this little guy along! I guess easier is not necessarily better.

John Uhrig
Jul-20-2009, 8:25pm
I have basically the same mandolin. I put medium TI's on it. Really improved the sound, and these newer bowlbacks can handle a heaver weight string.