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Feb-09-2004, 3:22pm
I have a very nice turn of the century Vega. The original case dry-rotted ages ago and it is currently in a cheap cardboard case ($25 from Elderly I think).

I'd like to put it into something more substantial.

I've emailed Mando Bros, Elderly and Lark in the Morning.

I see that Lark sells a $1000 bowl back - I wonder what sort of case it has?

Anyone with any info or suggestions - I wonder if getting one built is the only way to go or if there is something I can just buy and be happy with?


Feb-09-2004, 5:44pm
Most of the sources have been listed on this earlier thread:

http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin....t=12295 (http://www.mandolincafe.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=6;t=12295)

Be aware that old American bowlbacks are smaller than most modern bowlbacks (far smaller than German ones) and Vegas are exceptionally petite. So if you do want a properly fitted hard case, you'll have to go the custom route. But various cheap solutions are also available.

Feb-09-2004, 7:04pm
Harptone cases are no longer being made. TKL bought Harptone and now they'll make bowlback cases on a custom basis for around $250. Too bad. I got the very last Harptone bowlback case to pass through Elderly and it's very nice. A bit loose for a Vega, but perfect for my Martin.

Feb-10-2004, 11:25am
musikalia makes an "embergher" case. I dont know how much confidence you want to put in something overseas, being that return or exchange would probably be complicated.

have you tried any luthiers in the US and ask where they get them? there are only a couple bowlback luthiers that I know of... maybe someone will sell you one.

Jim Garber
Feb-10-2004, 2:15pm
I started that thread on the classical board and I see we are retreading (or rethreading) the subject.

I spoke directly to a guy at TKL/Cedar Creek to see if there were any old Harptones lying around in the warehouse. He said no.

The case they would build would be a rather bulky (IMHO) box that would house the bowlback. I would prefer to have Modern Case Company make one of their lightweight foam padded things a little bit more shaped to the outer contours of the mandolin. The call the Ambassador and I think it was quoted as about $175 plus shipping which makes it slightly over $200.


Feb-11-2004, 3:34pm

As a newbie to the board, I didn't know enough to dig into the "Classical" section.

Anyway, here is my update as of two minutes ago.

I just purchased a hard case from Lark in the Morning for a bowlback mando (they sell several bowlbacks).

The case is their number # CSE032. Price is $60.00. Measures appx 25 1/2" long, 8" deep and 8 1/2" wide.

My Vega measures 23 1/4" long, 6" deep and 8" wide - so it should fit (although not like a glove).

I can live with some internal "padding" if it will work (vs paying $250 to Cedar Creek for a custom case).

I'll let everyone know what it looks like when it arrives.


Feb-13-2004, 8:35pm

Got that hard case today from Lark in the Morning.

My Vega fits very nicely!!


Feb-14-2004, 2:49am

Feb-14-2004, 2:53pm
Cool! So affordable hard cases that fit vintage bowlbacks do exist.