View Full Version : Wilson #7

Jul-17-2009, 6:10pm
Just finished up a new WF-5 set for delivery next week. It's red spruce/red maple with radius fb, and oil varnish finish. I'll try to post 2-3 pics.

Jul-17-2009, 6:17pm
The backside.

Jul-17-2009, 6:22pm
The peghead.

Lynn Dudenbostel
Jul-17-2009, 6:26pm
Very, very nice work Craig! I thought that H-5 you built would be hard to top, but I think you've done it!


Jul-17-2009, 6:35pm
Thanks Lynn. I might be coming back your way in late September. My friend Leroy McNees recruited me to play in a band at Mayberry Days in Mt Airy, NC which is the weekend just prior to IBMA. That starts on September 24 so I could be coming through the greater Koxville area 2 or 3 days prior. My grandmother's people were from around Floyd, VA and I've never visited that area. It's only about 50 mi. north of Mt. Airy. My wife and I are doing a cross-country motorhome trip. We'll then be in Nashville a couple weeks before heading back west. Let me know if you'll be around when we pass through. If it works out we might stop to say howdy.

Jul-17-2009, 6:42pm
Craig, do you make A's? I'm really impressed.

Great work, you should be proud.


Jul-17-2009, 6:48pm
Paul, I just got a set of A-5 blueprints and once I do some minor re-tooling I'd like to crank out some As starting in late fall. Production should be a lot less timely.

Susie A
Jul-17-2009, 9:57pm
Nice! What a blessing to be so skilled.

Lynn Dudenbostel
Jul-17-2009, 10:15pm
Craig... just drop me an e-mail at knoxdude@charter.net and check with me before you leave. I should be around, but the boys have 2 weeks off from school sometime in Sept. and we may go out for a camoing trip. Maybe we could meet in the Smokys for a weekend campout?! We did that with Roger and Rosemary Siminoff a couple of years ago and had a great time!


Lynn Dudenbostel
Jul-17-2009, 10:16pm
Ooops.... should be "camping trip". "Camoing" sounds like we are getting ready for a deer hunt!

Jul-17-2009, 11:36pm
Lynn, I'm thinking the route through Maryville and the Smokies would be a little more direct getting to Asheville and the Blueridge Parkway then going all the way on hwy. 40, not even counting the scenery. I'll holler at you as it gets closer.

Skip Kelley
Jul-18-2009, 6:31am
Craig, That is one sweet looking F5!! Very nicely done!

Jul-21-2009, 11:18am
Craig is a buddy of mine and over the last year or so he has built some really fine mandolins. They just keep getting better and better. I have heard all his mandolins and played a few and #3 was my favorite. But I think #7 is just awesome. Great tone and the highs just ring like bells. Keep it up Craig and when are the A's going to be available.


Tom C
Jul-21-2009, 11:25am
great finish.

Jul-21-2009, 12:08pm
Beautiful mandolin Craig. It has that great mystique of antiquity. Give us a heads up if it can be heard on the utube.