View Full Version : Gathright sunburst

Gathright Customs
Jul-17-2009, 1:21pm
;)A new sunburst from the shop that I am pretty happy with.

Skip Kelley
Jul-17-2009, 2:21pm
John, that is a beautiful sunburst! I would be happy with that too!

Jul-17-2009, 2:50pm
Hey John is that the one you held the Loar photo up to? It doesn't get much better than that.

Scotti Adams
Jul-17-2009, 3:05pm
Sexy...man thats nice.

Jul-17-2009, 4:06pm
Wow! Babie's got back, How bout the front?

Andy Nichols
Jul-17-2009, 4:40pm
Very nice John.We came close by last weekend on way to Paris,Tx. Even drove on up to Hugo to Salt Creek Park. Kinda sad. Lots of memories.

Dan Voight
Jul-18-2009, 12:24pm
nice back

Jul-19-2009, 9:52pm
Looking very good John. Can't wait to see you and Jake soon to see some of the new stock.