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Mark Gibbs
Jul-16-2009, 8:18am
Here is a sound clip with my new mandolin built by Wyatt Wilkie. This mandolin is the first of his new line of mandos he calls NORTHERN FLYERS See photos in previous thread titled New Mandolin. I thought I'd learn a new song for this occasion and apologies to Gioachino Rossini for taking a couple of shortcuts through the notation. "sorry Gio" There are some difficult passages where the tempo drops so don't try adjusting your set, the problem is on my end.
I'll have some more sound clips coming soon.

Shelagh Moore
Jul-16-2009, 8:25am
That's a very nice sweet-sounding mandolin. The tone is very reminiscent of my Daley A and is a tone I particularly like.

Ken Olmstead
Jul-16-2009, 9:57am
Great sounding mandolin!! Nice tune too, gonna add some Evan Marshall ornaments to it? :)

Mark Gibbs
Jul-16-2009, 10:27am
Evan marshall id a Deity among us mere mortals. I not worthy to Carry his case much less try and copy some of his riffs:) maybe in the next life.:grin:

Dec-29-2010, 9:30pm
I'm very pleased to say that Wyatt will be building a mandolin for me! We are working on ideas for a unique two point design. I'm really happy to see this review of his marvelous work on Mandolin Cafe. Congrats Wyatt! You deserve the attention. :mandosmiley: