View Full Version : The Mowry Shuffle

Bruce Clausen
Jul-14-2009, 1:02pm
I've been trying to write a few tunes to record in a real studio with real humans next month. Getting ready by trying stuff on Garageband, which I've had for a couple of years but never actually tried till now. So here's a first attempt at a little ditty that came to me on the weekend. Your typical bedroom studio, with a laptop and one mic.

David Horovitz
Jul-14-2009, 1:21pm
Very nicely done. A fun, quirky melody. Sort of sounds more like a rag to me.

Skip Kelley
Jul-14-2009, 1:45pm
Bruce, Nice work! You pull a good tone out of the mandolin!

Jul-14-2009, 4:53pm
Nice playing there.


Andrew DeMarco
Jul-14-2009, 5:26pm
Very nice:)

Bruce Clausen
Jul-14-2009, 10:53pm
Thanks for listening. Right, David, it's not really a shuffle-- maybe I'll call it The Mowry Two-Step. I should have mentioned this is played on a fine instrument Andrew Mowry built me several years back.


Mike Romkey
Jul-14-2009, 11:06pm
Very nice indeed -- the "voice" of your writing, the playing, the recording. I'd be interested to hear anything you have to say about how the piece is constructed. This is obviously far beyond a catchy lick and I-IV-V.

french guy
Jul-14-2009, 11:53pm
nice melody Bruce , you must link your mp3 file with the FBMA forum , you know like me that some players there will enjoy that tune .

Bruce Clausen
Jul-15-2009, 1:10pm
Thanks, lads. Jean: I will do that. Mike: the tune is constructed ABABCB, like many others. I guess I had Frank W.'s New Camptown Races on my mind when I went to the relative minor for the C phrase. The diminished seventh chord in the B phrase contributes to the ragtime sound David mentioned.

Here's a rough version of a waltz I wrote yesterday. That is, I think I wrote it; fact is, it sounds a lot like hundreds of other waltzes I heard as a kid long ago.

Mike Romkey
Jul-15-2009, 2:38pm
Thanks for the explication. The waltz is lovely. Sounds like you're doubling the guitar. What mic are you using on the mandolin? It has nice presence on the recording.

Bruce Clausen
Jul-15-2009, 9:22pm
Good ears, Mike. Yes, there are two complete guitar tracks there; I made a second pass looking for a smoother sound, and found I liked it with two guitars. Same thing with the mandolin-- on the second chorus (in D) I played several takes, then decided to use them all. I was just grabbing the easy double-stops each time, but I like the 3-mando sound, so I think I'll actually arrange three parts and try it again. I'll post it here as a work in progress.

My mic is an AKG C391 (small diaphragm condenser). I bought it for live use, but seldom need it. It's the first time I've used it for recording, and so far I'm quite pleased with it. I run it through a cheap mini-mixer into the audio input on the Mac.


Al Bergstein
Jul-16-2009, 10:21am
Maybe the Mowry shuffle should be called, "Mowry's Racetown Camps?" in honor of Frank FieldWake?

I also really like the waltz...nice job...

Bruce Clausen
Jul-18-2009, 12:54pm
Here's another version of that waltz, a little quicker, and with the chorus arranged for three mandolins. Eventually I'll do a studio version that should come out less ragged.

Michael Wolf
Jul-24-2009, 5:08pm
Thanks for the files Bruces. I love the Country waltz, especially the second version.
The Mowry Shuffle is great too. Im impressed not only by your playing (like always), but also by your writing. The Mowry sounds very good, its your A5, right?

Jul-24-2009, 5:30pm
Very nice waltz Bruce. Very nice touch and tone.

Jake Wildwood
Jul-24-2009, 6:46pm
Nice playing! The first one is delicious.

I kept feeling like the Tennessee waltz is going to pop out of the 2nd one and then it turned into something else entirely! Voila! Well done.