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Mark Gibbs
Jul-13-2009, 11:05pm
Correction to my post titled "New Mandolin". Wyatt Wilkie tells me that he no longer uses the Siminoff guide lines for building his mandolins. He tells me in an e-mail that "I use a method that i developed while working for Bob Benedetto carving his guitars" He goes on to say "I'm lucky that I have been able to benefit from Bob's 40+ years of experience and all the insights and secrets that come from that."

Look at the some guitars Wyatt has built at Benedetto Guitars. The first 8 on the page are the last 8 he made and some 30 on the page he built. http://www.benedettoguitars.com/bobs-boutique.php

I will have some sound clips posted soon. Did you ever notice that as soon as the record button gets pushed you become the deer in the headlights and you can't do it.

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