View Full Version : NJ Guitar (and mando!) show

Feb-09-2004, 3:20pm
Anybody going? Went last year and enjoyed it greatly. Cool facility and crew, lots to do and see. This year there will be BG clinics, one in particular by Todd Collins, all around nice guy and awesome mandoer. Also author Richard Smith (Big Mon biographer).
Let me know if anyone will be there, I'm 65% sure I will.
Brookdale College Guitar Show (http://www.brookdaleguitarshow.com/)

Feb-10-2004, 11:02am
I've known about this for the past few years and I always seem to miss it. Thanks for the update, this year I'll REALLY try to go. They seem to have a nice mix of clinics going on.

Feb-10-2004, 1:35pm
If you bring an instrument it's half off the door too.