View Full Version : Fresh C#

oldwave maker
Jul-10-2009, 12:09pm
Off to california in the key of C#, with a faint odor of roses....

Dan Voight
Jul-10-2009, 12:13pm
great looking mandolin!

Jul-10-2009, 12:14pm
Shazaam! Very nice, Bill and congrats to the new owner.


Ken Olmstead
Jul-10-2009, 12:49pm
2-points will rule the world!! Cool!

Jul-10-2009, 2:44pm
Ken, Although I'm not sure that 2-points will rule the world, there is something delightful in their aesthetic. :) To my eye, florentine style mandos with oval holes look great, but with ff holes the design seems unbalanced somehow, while two-point ff holes are just the right balance of lines and curves. Bill does a great job, and I hope this one sounds as delicious as it looks. This is my third Old Wave in six years. The first two are A style ff holes. Whiskey #309, is still with me. The other, Blackface #335, entered the MAS rotation and found a new home in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, this beauty is not being shipped until next week. Deadlines will be met by the time she arrives, and I will be free to spend some serious time in getting acquainted. I'll let you all know how she sounds when the time comes. And much happy playing time to you, Ken, when your Stealth arrives.:mandosmiley:

Mike Romkey
Jul-10-2009, 4:34pm
Nice work, Bill. Love the F holes and the abbreviated pick guard.

Jul-10-2009, 4:54pm
That is one salacious two pointer for sure! Yowzer!

Jul-10-2009, 5:00pm
awesome Bill! All these new 2 points are starting to get to me...lol!