View Full Version : Photo display problems

Al Bergstein
Jul-05-2009, 10:48pm
My personal photo seems to be displaying in the control panel that allows you to set it, but it is not showing in the posts. Any ideas why?

Jul-05-2009, 11:06pm
Do you mean your avatar - the image underneath your user name, to the left of where posts appear? (Note: this is different from your "User Profile" image.) If so, the process is straightforward. Click on "User CP" (that's short for control panel), select "Edit Avatar," browse to the image in your computer, and upload by clicking on "Save Changes." The image size is pretty small (<195k) so make sure you're within the guidelines. :)

Al Bergstein
Jul-05-2009, 11:16pm
ah, that must be it. I thought the user profile photo was it...thx!

Al Bergstein
Jul-09-2009, 10:32pm

Jul-10-2009, 1:07pm
Yep - saw that - you're welcome! :)