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Brandon Flynn
Jul-05-2009, 4:00pm
I need help figuring out some chord forms for tenor guitar. Does anyone know of a good chord chart? For right now, I'm trying to figure out the best way to play an A chord in the key of D. I play 2244 for D, and I want the A to be closeby. Is 4220 or 4224 the best way, because these are fairly difficult on tenor.

Charles E.
Jul-06-2009, 7:33pm
A ' D ' chord should be 2245 ( C-A ) hold that bar with your index finger but move the ring and pinky up one string, 245-, that is a ' G ' chord. slide that up two frets and you have an 'A' chord.

Charles E.
Jul-06-2009, 7:55pm
You can down load chords from this site


Jul-09-2009, 1:30pm
Any good tenor banjo book should work. I highly recommend the "McNeil Chord System for Tenor Banjo", available through DjangoBooks.