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Jul-05-2009, 1:58pm
here's the latest econo, it sports a silver Orrico and silver tuners, has a great sound, European spruce top.

Skip Kelley
Jul-05-2009, 3:39pm
Ken, that mandolin is awesome! I love your work. The sunburst is perfect!! Nice maple in it too! Great job!!

Jul-05-2009, 4:47pm
You're killing me, Ken...beautiful work!!

Jul-05-2009, 6:58pm
Yep, she's a beauty. And she is mine! This is a mandolin that Ken was gonna keep for himself, it had a cedar top and he said it had tons of bass end to it. He loaned it out and it was brought back with a sinking top. Ken said he thinks it was left in a hot car which caused the bracing to give. So now it has been resurrected with a spruce top and I don't have to wait 3-4 months for my Silverangel! Ken, I hope all this info is correct. I can't wait to get my sweaty mitts on this one.:grin:

Jul-05-2009, 7:33pm
I think it had to have gotten hot in a car or something, because the bracing came loose on both upper ends, I've never had that happen before, anyway, it's as good as new now and actually more balanced than it was, more punch and louder.

Jul-05-2009, 9:18pm
Through years of experience, developing a technique, a pair of talented and skilled hands work to shape the wood, allowing the natural tones and depths to resonant. Then finally the mandolin is placed in the hands of a muscian, who, by all accounts are so excited to have the instrument in their possession. A beautiful mandolin, sunburst, tuners and such. It's an art, an amazing craftmanship that will stand the test time, for sure. I wonder...... is this true of all mandolin makers or just of the one that live's in the mountains of Kentucky where Silverangels are born?

Simply wonderful Ken,
Debbie NC.............

Mark Walker
Jul-07-2009, 7:08am
Ken - looks great. Interesting story on the 'sunk' top too. Certainly sounds like some abnormal care there.
Mandohack - glad this worked out in your favor! I'm sure you'll love that instrument! :)

Jul-07-2009, 8:23am
thanks Mark, this mando has really opened up in the last couple days, looks like I'm going to have to send this one out to WA tomorrow. Thanks,

Jul-07-2009, 12:50pm
I have been emailing Ken just about everyday, "So when do you think she will be ready?" "So Ken, when do you think it will ship?" "Hi Ken, just wondering about the mandolin, how is it sounding?" "Ken, maybe you could give me an exact date and time (with seconds please) on when you will be sending the mandolin? " Thanks for putting up with me Ken.

D C Blood
Jul-07-2009, 6:04pm
Hey Mandohack...I visited Ken yesterday, and picked on those he had ready to go. I think you'll be very happy. It will have been well worth the wait. Both Ken and his Dad were very pleased to see my Silver Eagle Cynthia. I think they were both happy with the way her sound has turned out:))

Jul-07-2009, 8:32pm
I used to have a Laura A model but GAS got the best of me and I sold it. It was the first handmade instrument I had ever owned and it just had tons of personality to it. I'm very much looking forward to having another piece of art like that in my hands and ears again. This is where I hope to stop the vicious cycle of musical instrument acquisition syndrome. One sweet Larrivee acoustic and one super sweet Silverangel mandolin!

Mark Walker
Jul-09-2009, 3:50pm
D.C. - quite a building environment Ken's got there on top of that mountain, ain't it? Mandohack - you're going to love that mandolin! Enjoy, and keep us posted when you receive it! :)

Jul-10-2009, 10:02pm
I would love to visit Ken's place but it is quite a commute from Seattle. Got the mandolin yesterday safe and sound, tuned her up and oh boy! Stayed up until about 1:30 am after everyone went to bed, I kept picking it back up after I thought I was done. Just couldn't put her to bed. Thanks Ken!

Patrick Sylvest
Jul-11-2009, 11:34am
Sweet, I'm next!!!

Mark Walker
Jul-13-2009, 3:17pm
Sweet, I'm next!!!

Cayenne - be sure to keep us posted! :mandosmiley:

Jake Wildwood
Jul-13-2009, 4:27pm
Wow, that's a really nice one!

I'm not much for f-hole As, but I really, really like that one.

Andrew Roberts
Jul-13-2009, 8:56pm
That mandolin is absolutely stunning. I LOVE the back! Congrats on your new instrument mandohack.

Jul-14-2009, 9:28am
thanks, Andrew, your mandolin is coming up pretty soon, I believe right after this next one.

Jul-15-2009, 11:33am
I really like the grain pattern on the back too! After a couple of hours of playing yesterday I really noticed a differnce in the sound, some more tubiness to the bass and the mid and treble seemed a lot louder. It's been a joy getting familiar with this mando and working on my technique to get the best sound out of her. Lovin' it!

Jul-15-2009, 2:42pm
I've noticed many times how a mandolin will make a sudden improvement in sound, especially volume, it's like a switch has been thrown or something. But, I don't think it will happen without playing.

Jul-15-2009, 5:27pm
It seemed pretty sudden to me, just as I was playing the next thing I knew it was louder and I could play with more power. I wasn't sure if it was just my ears or if something had really happened. I was wondering if working on my technique was part of it too, getting familiar with the instrument.

Patrick Sylvest
Jul-15-2009, 5:33pm
I had this experience with my '91 Martin guitar.....it suddenly became irreplaceable about five years ago.....before that, it was just a good guitar. The tone just oozed from the strings one day.....like a switch was flipped.