View Full Version : 6yr old and a Buckeye

Jul-03-2009, 12:04pm
Here are some pictures from my weekend. My Boys Wyatt (6) and Marshal (4) open our show for our band( Bill White and White Pine ) Wyatt is picking his own intro's, breaks and tags. They played the talent show at Tottenham Bluegrass Festival and were asked to play the big stage and open for Daily and Vincent , Dixie Flyers, Dan Paisley and James King.. In the first 2 pictures Wyatt is Playing his Rover but once he found out he was going to the Big Show he asked to play my Buckeye.. How can you say no to this?..lol.. I detune the mandolin 4 notes and then put a capo on at the fourth frett so he is playing in 440 it just makes it alittle easier for him to reach the fingering.

Jul-03-2009, 12:18pm
Very cool!

Steve Etter
Jul-03-2009, 12:40pm
Now THERE is a show I'd like to see.


Jul-03-2009, 12:42pm
Awesome, what a fun time!

Skip Kelley
Jul-03-2009, 1:48pm
Thats too cool!!

Jill McAuley
Jul-03-2009, 9:25pm
Well done! I'll bet your proud of them wee lads!


Jul-03-2009, 9:36pm
Well done! I'll bet your proud of them wee lads!

I thought buttons were going to pop right off my shirt, I was so proud! They have only been at it a short time. Last night we started on Old Joe Clark. The boys are gettin a kick out of reading all your comments. Thanks for all your support. :mandosmiley: