View Full Version : Pentaula alert

Aug-16-2004, 6:49pm
I posted this in the Classifieds -- Alex Gregory says he needs to unload one of his own Pentaulas to help finance his new record. He's willing to let it go for whatever he can get.

Call me at 425 673 0263 or e-mail martin@stillion.com if you're interested.

A Pentaula is a 5-string axe with roughly the range of an octave mandolin, but with a scale length under 16". Very, very cool.

Aug-24-2004, 2:21pm
How does Pentaula justify the huge price? You could buy three brand new Schwab electrics instead.

Sep-07-2004, 5:21pm
Fender Distressed aka time machine relic series guitars cost way more than one that isnt so precisely dinged up . go figure ?
Whatta country. http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/laugh.gif

Sep-16-2004, 10:51am
I note update: company now as P5 with liscences to patents and soforth, I guess.

new Custom shop Fender mandocasters put it in perspective , a bit, but a solid body instrument is still WAY less work than a scroll and point or other acoustic instruments.
Particularly with CNC machines.