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Jun-27-2009, 8:13pm
First off let me say, please excuse my poor camera work.

This mandolin is dated February 08. It has Engelmann spruce top, eastern sugar maple back and sides, it's triple-bound tortoise, Cumberland acoustic bridge, gold James tailpiece, gold Waverly tuners. It has block inlay on the fingerboard and flower pot inlay on the headstock. As well as a McIntyre feather light acoustic pickup.

Although it has gained a few scares from being played, her beauty has increased over the last year as the grain on the top has really come through nicely, although it's kind of hard to see in the photographs. The back, sides, and neck are all equally beautiful as you can see. Austin's workmanship is second to none. Very, very clean work. And perfect attention to detail.

But not only is she a beauty to look at, she sounds beautiful and is so easy to play. Though its hard to see from the side shot, as it's at a little bit of an tilt and looks higher than it is, the action is as low as it can go, making it smooth as silk to play.

Most people have two concerns with the auction so low. (1) Buzzing, which I have none and (2) loss of volume. :grin: Peple who play with me wish I lacked in the volume department - something about them liking to hear themselves and not just my mandolin... go figure.

Words can not express how happy I have been with this mandolin. The looks, the tone, the volume... all amazing and impressive. This mandolin has been all over in the last year, up and down the east coast, the west coast, and she has not gone without receiving a complement every time she’s heard. In fact, in the last two months, I have had multiple offers from people who want to buy it or work out some type of trade (even with a more expensive instrument). :whistling: Just not happening... well I don't know maybe if they if they had one signed by that Loar guy or maybe a Skaggs DMM... just saying.

I have no financial interest in Austin's mandolins. But I have noticed that his prices have gone up twice since he built this one for me. He's getting great reviews all over the place for his work and he's only going to get busier. If you've been thinking about getting one, do yourself a favor and don't put it off any longer. IMHO I think his prices are still much too low for the quality and sound you get.

Anyways, I just wanted to post this little tribute after our first year together...btw her name's Taylor. :cool:

Jun-27-2009, 9:30pm

Jill McAuley
Jun-27-2009, 10:12pm
I love that profile shot - shows off the tortoiseshell binding nicely.


Ted Eschliman
Jun-28-2009, 7:03am
The man definitely knows his craft. Unabashed fan here!

Skip Kelley
Jun-29-2009, 7:11am