View Full Version : Need Help Identifying Bouzouki

Jun-25-2009, 5:42pm
Got this one literally 2 hours ago from a little old lady (75 years+) that said her father brought this over from rural greece around 1920 or so. Its had a rough life & many a bad repair job. Any help figuring what this is would be great.

Keith Miller
Jun-25-2009, 8:32pm
Prior to 1950s bouzoukis had only 6 strings (tricordo) this has 8 so I would think the date could be suspect.That just about exhausts my "history of the bouzouki" :)

Jun-26-2009, 8:07pm
Well, It may well not be a bouzouki at all. It measures 36 inches long total & the body is about 14". It has Waverly "Product & Process Patents Applied For" tuners. Im a guitar guy, so I have no idea what I have. Thanks for your help so far Keith.

Keith Miller
Jun-27-2009, 10:38pm
Try posting in the CBOM section, regulars there know virtually everything :)