View Full Version : Pomeroy A4

Jill McAuley
Jun-23-2009, 1:48am
Here are a few pix of my new blackface Pomeroy A4, #126, built in Sept. 2008 - it has an Engleman spruce top, maple back and sides, radius fretboard, Allen tailpiece. I can't speak highly enough of Don Paine, he builds a lovely mandolin and is a great guy to deal with as well. I'll try to record some mp3's or video of it this week.

Jun-23-2009, 7:12am
Very nice.....Don really make a fine instrument, I know you will enjoy for many years.....Look forward to hearing your clips.....

Jun-23-2009, 6:05pm
Lovely indeed Jill, especially that maple back! Yes, sound clips please.

Steve Cantrell
Jun-23-2009, 7:17pm
I keep telling myself over and over, "I do not need to upgrade my oval. I do not need to upgrade my oval." It's not working.

Skip Kelley
Jun-24-2009, 8:41am
Black/blonde is a very nice combination! Congratulations!

Jim DeSalvio
Jun-24-2009, 4:42pm

That is a wonderful looking mandolin. Good luck and enjoy!

I really like my "Ruby" flattop.

Jonathan James
Jun-24-2009, 4:52pm
Yeah, Don is a great guy and great builder. I've owned a few Pomeroy's and in particular, a black-topped F style mandolin that I regret selling to this day! It was loud, clear and a real piece of eye candy.~o)

Jill McAuley
Jun-28-2009, 7:16pm
I just posted a youtube clip of me playing the Pomeroy over on the "Post a video of yourself..." thread. I'm so delighted with this mandolin and would gladly play it morning, noon, and night. Don's work is fantastic and his prices are great too. And now, back to the Pomeroy to get in some more playing time before dinner!