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Jun-22-2009, 9:28pm
Thought I wouls pst photos of my mandolins - sort of....:)
enjoy info on each

Alvarez "slant top" purchased circa 1981

Antares Banjolin purchasewd 5 years ago - intereting sound

Micheal Kelly Octave Mandolin - unique instrument - nice sound

Catania Carmelo purchased off of Craigs list - not sure of the date - but is from Sicily - in beautiful shape

David Newton Harp Mandolin - a couple of years old - serial number is 2:grin:

Del Arte Mandocello - built by John Kinard before he sold company - this instrument was his prototype



Jun-22-2009, 10:36pm
That's an eclectic herd! Nice.


Jim Kirkland
Jun-24-2009, 10:04pm
TCBone, tell me about the harp mando.

Jun-25-2009, 5:36pm
Hey Jim
I found this Mando on Harpguitars.net run by Greg Miner. David is a builder in Beaumont, TX and had put this on commission. from the site and Gregg....


David's second harp mandolin - a "true" harp mandolin, as opposed to the well-known Dyer - repeats the great quality of his first instrument and adds an attractive walnut back. Like his first one, in my opinion this is a $2,000 instrument that sounds like a $3,000 instrument - but at a very attractive price.

The four sub-bass strings can be tuned to whatever you desire. The tone is similar to the Knutsen instrument instrument that inspired it; the volume is approximately the same, and the basses sound just as magical. The main strings sound somewhat different, and difficult to describe - a punchy sound, yet with a lot of richness and sustain.
# Redwood top with spruce ladder bracing
# American Black Walnut back & sides
# Honduras mahogany neck
# Ebony fretboard
# Maple binding, Ebony end and strap pins
# BWB sound hole purfling ring
# Compensated Ebony bridges
# Black pickguard
# French polish finish
# 10-1/2" wide x 26" long x 2-1/2" deep
# 13-7/8" scale
# Carbon fiber stiffening rod in neck
# Grover tuning machines