View Full Version : Heiden Lefty still#1

doc holiday
Jun-21-2009, 6:24pm
I've had this mandolin a few years now, & it's still the one.
Recently Michael Heiden built & installed the finger-rest.
Incredibly big bass, bell-tones all over the neck & of course the elusive 'pop'

Jun-21-2009, 6:26pm
Michael Heiden rocks!!! Mine has incredible playability, he sets 'em up just right!

Jun-21-2009, 8:41pm
That is a really nice looking lefty!

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-22-2009, 1:56am
Incredible instrument & very reminiscent of the ONLY Heiden F-5 i've ever held,the one that belongerd to my late Canadian friend from Ottawa,David Tinkoff.It was years before i began playing & David came over with his Heiden (1994).It simply blew me away.Stunning craftsmanship & an awesome sound from such a small,light instrument,

Jun-22-2009, 8:03am
Great looking mandolin.

Philippe Bony
Jun-25-2009, 12:22pm
A really good (and right;)) looking mando!