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Jun-21-2009, 5:53pm
Hello all!

New member here, but frequent visitor.

I've decided to stop lurking and come out of the shadows and into the light of mandolinian wisdom.

I am a newbie mandolin player, long-time guitar picker. I just bought my first mandolin. I have enjoyed reading the trove of info and interesting comments here on the board for a while before making my purchase.

I am one of those that just had to have the "F" style, but with a limited budget. I decided on the Rover RM-75. It is coming this week and I am anxious as all get-out to start in!

I got it from an online dealer who has excellent creds on this message board. He is doing a setup and including a hard case in the deal. It is one of the newer sunburst RM-75s. I'll include some pics after I receive her if there is any interest.

Please feel free to lend any model specific or general info that might help get me started!


Barb Friedland
Jun-21-2009, 5:57pm
Welcome from a fellow guitar picker who has seen the light and joined the mandolinian culture.(I love that word!)