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Michael Wolf
Jun-21-2009, 5:11pm
Did you know Sean Tyrrell before? I didnīt. I like his singing and his tenor guitar palying. Heīs playing a interesting Gibson mandocello style tenor guitar (or tenor lute?). At first I thought itīs a mandocello with four strings, but the peghead really seems to be originally made for four strings.

Spirit of Voice Sean Tyrrell (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Gd2iPH1j8)

Wild Mountain Thyme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2MxPOhRx0I&feature=related)

Sean Tyrrell (http://www.seantyrrell.com/)

Bernie Daniel
Jun-22-2009, 8:46am

I do not recall seeing his work but you are correct he is really good. Good find.

The "guitar" in the first video does look like a converted mandocello -- but its pretty hard to tell -- it really doesn't sound like my K-1 but then single strings have a much different sound. Whatever it sounds really great.

As to the peghead - -its farily easy to convert back and forth if you have tools. I have a deadnought guitar that I converted to a mandocello -- i.e., 8 strings and it only took a few days to do it.

I guess he must be play all of his stuff in some kind of open tuning? Do you know what it is?