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oldwave maker
Jun-21-2009, 11:27am
Some pics from the high cool country: bakery porch mandotasting with Geoff Burghardt, maker of the fine iii mando- more porch jammin with Jeff, Mike, and Don with his crystalline Cleary. Frightening how fast Jeff can play fishers hornpipe in e flat!-Bobby Wintringham and his San Juan mando booth, a closeup of a san juan peghead- my ovalhole at Trout Lake, same location reflected in blackie's back.

Jun-21-2009, 12:08pm
"LOVE" that last coupla mando nature photos Bill!!!

Don Grieser
Jun-21-2009, 12:29pm
Saturday, the view at Trout Lake would have looked like winter. I was up there in those distant mountains hiking with a friend in a light mist/drizzle when it suddenly picked up and turned to snow. :disbelief: Needless to say, we turned back right then. I got home in time last night to catch Sam Bush's set on koto.org.

Jamming with Mike and Jeff was major fun. Sorry I missed the tasting with Geoff's iii. Must have been Thursday?

Skip Kelley
Jun-21-2009, 12:45pm
Bill, I love the pictures especially the trout lake pic! What I wouldn't give to wet a hook there!

Jun-21-2009, 12:50pm
If that last one isn't an album cover waiting to happen.

Don Grieser
Jun-21-2009, 7:57pm
Bill was looking for scroll donors for this mandolin. :)) The whole crew on the porch Fri morning. L to R: Jeff Taylor, accordian, Mike Compton, yours truly, Mike Romkey, Bill (bass), Dr. Bob, and unknown on banjo.

Don Grieser
Jun-21-2009, 8:17pm
Later that day, Mike and Jeff on stage with Elvis Costello along with Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, Jim Lauderdale, and Dennis Crouch.

Jun-22-2009, 6:18pm
Wow! Fantastic reflection!!

mountain dawg
Jun-23-2009, 11:49am
That banjo player is none other then the great mandolin player Tim O'Brian.
It was really a great time to be in Telluride and see jam session like this all over town buy well know players and new and up and coming. great time as I said this was my 15th time to be in Telluride.

Geoff B
Jun-26-2009, 11:08am
Dang! My hike Friday morning went long and I missed the jam! Also missed the builder's workshop. Totally bummed i missed you guys Friday, but, I'm sure there will be more. Thanks Bill!

Geoff B
Jun-26-2009, 11:21am
here's one of Bill showing me how to play left-handed. You can see he's demonstrating the 'cross-fingered' fretting hand technique, while I've got the 'ham-fist' working. It was a great session! :mandosmiley: :grin:

Jun-27-2009, 12:49am
Thanks for the pics Bill. For better or worse I had friends out from NYC and took them mountain biking on Thursday and Friday morning so no jamming for me and it looks like you had the "A" list guys out, well there's always next year. How was the ABQ festival?

man dough nollij
Jun-27-2009, 1:05am
Hey PJ, long time no post see! Still selling bikes one day at a time, I spoze?

Jun-27-2009, 7:48am
Between the beauty of the scenery and the folks to hang out with, Bill's photos make this East Coaster want to go West. Great photos.


Don Grieser
Jun-27-2009, 8:53am
Hey PJ, sorry I missed you. I spent more time out in the mountains than I did at the festival too. And that was not Tim O on the banjo.

oldwave maker
Jun-27-2009, 9:30am
Charlie Trego and I got a good laugh out of that banjoplayer misidentification! You never know who will show up on the bakery porch, Dr bob and I have played the calypso version of st annes reel there many times with no adult supervision or pickin help, sunny morning porch pickin in telluride with great coffee and pastries is usually more user friendly than under a sideless pop-up at 1:30 am with 38 degrees, a light drizzle, cheap whiskey, and deliciously medicinal secondhand smoke......... Spent part of friday afternoon in the shade of that porch listening to the blackberries rehearse for their second place finish in the band contest finals:

Mike Romkey
Jun-27-2009, 10:35am
The porch jam was the most fun I've had in a long time. Thanks for having it, Bill. I'll be there at 9 a.m. Friday next year. I really liked your octave mando.

I went to the builders' workshop and got the bug to make something. I think I'll order a pancake kit -- something befitting my total lack of woodworking skills.

And the banjo player pictured above wasn't unknown or Tim. It's a guy named Bela something.

mountain dawg
Jun-27-2009, 12:19pm
So I mess this one up from the side in the photo it looks like Tim. I am happy you had a good laugh on by me so help a guy out and let me know how the banjo player was thanks.

Jun-27-2009, 10:31pm
I was referring to Compton, I was not fooled :)) I talked to TOB though, mostly school girl gushy stuff cause I'm such a fan. Lee, it's been ROUGH for sure but I have my health and family and will more than likely survive. Expect me back on the porch next year with my Old Wave OM, it's so cool especially if you're a big TOB wannabe :)

oldwave maker
Jun-29-2009, 1:44pm
Mountain dog, if you'd heard Charlie the banjerplayer playing, you'da realized the joke was on him, not you. He's and old friend and yet I'd never heard him play out before!