View Full Version : Merrill & Company's #1 F5

Jun-20-2009, 3:00pm
Hello All

Wanted to share a few pictures of my new Merrill F5. A wonderful instrument in all respects! Red Spruce top, varnished, hide glue construction.
This Spring has not only brought the long awaited Merrill but also a loving Bride, Crystal. She asembled this first ever MAS Wedding Cake Topper. As you can imagine I took some good natured ribbing, enjoy!

Jun-20-2009, 3:18pm
Beautiful mandolin and a wife with a great sense of humor. Congratulations and congratulations.


Col. Suggs
Jun-20-2009, 3:36pm
That's beautiful.

I'm unfamiliar with the builder. Can you tell us anything more about the mandolin or its builder?


Jun-20-2009, 3:56pm
Hello Sean

Jim Merrill is known for his fantastic guitars and repair work. This mandolin is the result of years of me suggesting and encouraging (ok, begging and pleading) Jim to build me a mandolin. With guitar playing customers like Jack Lawrance, Stephen Bennett, Brad Davis and David Grier I don't think there's a rush to add mandolins to his product line.


Jun-20-2009, 4:51pm
man, aren't y'all ready to let go of the fretless, "black tongue" extensions yet? the future is here kids...

barry k
Jun-20-2009, 6:09pm
Nice looking mandolin, great job. post some sound clips , would love to hear it.

R. Kane
Jun-20-2009, 6:20pm
A Merrill F5....must be something very special. I have 2 Merrill mahogany guitars, which are extraordinary. Ne plus ultra. I would love to hold and hear that mandolin.

For those who don't know his work, Jim builds dreadnaughts and 000 guitars that are uncanny reproductions of 1935-37 Martins, accurate in construction materials and techniques, thicknesses, weights, etc. New out of the box his guitars sound 75 years old, but have modern neck shapes and adjustable truss rods. When you play one you feel it vibrate like an old guitar against your arm and your chest, loose and already broken in. And Jim is a very humble, likable man.

IMO, this is great news for the mandolin world.

Jun-20-2009, 7:00pm
Beautiful mando, and based on the cake topper I'd have to say beautiful bride as well!!

Skip Kelley
Jun-21-2009, 6:13am
Bill, Nice looking mandolin! I love your wedding cake topper! It sounds like you have got a keeper! Best wishes to the both of you!!

Jun-22-2009, 8:57am
If it sounds as good as his guitars, you've got yourself a keeper!! The wedding cake is hilarious and oh so true!

Jun-22-2009, 3:40pm
Another positive comment re: Merrill guitars. Wonderful instruments in the true vintage style.

Bob Stolkin
Jun-22-2009, 4:03pm
Yet another. Jim's guitars are truly special. He seems to put his all into everything he does, so that mando must be good.

Jun-22-2009, 8:14pm
I have a plan to visit Lively, Virginia one day, find a crab-cake sandwitch (or some oysters) and look at the Merrill shop.

Nice looking mandolin and I've heard nothing but great words about Merrill!


Rick Schmidlin
Jun-23-2009, 8:46am
Jims works has always been top of heap

Jun-26-2009, 9:15am
I'm sure the mandolin is great, as are all Merrill instruments, but that cake topper is priceless!