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Feb-09-2004, 10:26am
I started a new thread- audio tech. is out.

I am looking for an alligator clamp mini mic.

anyone have links? I have tried looking with some results, but the countryman is proving more elusive.

Feb-09-2004, 2:10pm
Look at minidisc.org

There are quite few links on there to minimics for recorders. Also some directions on how to make your own simply and for very little $$

Another retail shop to look at is www.soundprofessionals.com

alt.audio.minidisc newsgroup has quite a few guys selling minimics for about $40 or so.


Feb-09-2004, 2:35pm

FWIW... I tried an Audio-Technica DR-G95 mini condenser mic w/ flex stalk and alligator clip on my f-style. I tried it two ways - #1) outside the mando body, just over the treble f-hole; #2) inside the mando body, through the treble f-hole. In both cases I clipped it to the edge of the pick guard, near where the neck joins the body, and snaked it into position.

Never could get it to work right... in case #1 my picking hand was always bumping it; in case #2 I could never overcome the feedback howl.

With regard to case #2, in all fairness, I never tried it with a preamp to squelch out the feedback - just plugged directly into the amp. Won't be trying anytime soon, either, since I've removed my pickguard and can't find ANY other good place to attach the alligator clip to!

One other downside with this particular mini-condenser - the integrated cord, although plenty long, is kinda flimsy - I always worried that I was gonna step on it and rip it apart!

For the record, I've since gone to an external McIntyre w/ carpenter jack, although I rarely use even that, prefering a good mic and sound man!