View Full Version : September  Song of the Month?

Aug-14-2004, 8:56pm
I voted for Bill Cheatem last month. It's a great tune, very melodic, but the B part is kinda hard.

Whiskey Before Breakfast- great name, fine tune, can be learned in a month pretty easy I think.

I don't know how the voting list gets put together, but those are my suggestions for starters.


Aug-22-2004, 5:09pm
I've fooled around with Get Up, John a little. I guess it would be cheating for me, since I've already started on it. But it's really a LOT easier than it sounds - probably easier than Cold Frosty Morning. Now, playing it at Ricky Skaggs speed is a different story....

That one, or some other Monroe tune would be good, I think.

Aug-22-2004, 5:56pm
Hey All,

Have we done any Irish? How bout old rosin the beau? PDF was at Jay Buckey as well as an mp3. If they are gone I can supply. I been thinking about starting to learn this one. Pretty an not - I don't think - too hard. By then I should have the recording and posting figured out. Otherwise maybe something Civil Warish like the Girl I left behind Me or Ashokan Farewell. Just some thoughts.

Take Care! -Ed-

Aug-25-2004, 9:38pm
Is there going to be a September song?

Aug-25-2004, 10:14pm
You have to go to Yahoo!Groups Mandolin Project to vote for the September song....looks like Whiskey Before Breakfast is by far the leading contender...

Happy Pickin'