View Full Version : Lets see some Fern inlays!

Adam McKillip
Jun-15-2009, 7:47pm
I'm always interested in seeing the mother of pearl inlays of mandolins. And I really like the fern. SHOW ME THE FERN!!!

Here's my Anderson.



Joe Parker
Jun-15-2009, 8:53pm
'07 Duff with Waverly tuners

Jun-15-2009, 9:45pm
Here's the only Fern inlay I got...my first F model I ever owned...an early pac-rim Japanese made "The Kasuga" from 1979. :grin:


Jun-15-2009, 10:03pm
Here's mine one more time...

Adam McKillip
Jun-15-2009, 10:53pm
Very nice guys!
They're Gorgeous!

Bill Halsey
Jun-15-2009, 11:29pm

Jim Hilburn
Jun-15-2009, 11:58pm
I think this is only the second time I did a traditional fern.

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-16-2009, 3:44am
Here's the standard Weber 'Fern' inlay,

Philippe Bony
Jun-16-2009, 6:16am
Mine, built by Hervé Coufleau (France).

Jun-16-2009, 6:51am
Only fern I've ever done for an H5C mandola...


Jun-16-2009, 7:20am
Why am I dreading Bill Bussman's contribution to the Fern inlay style? :)

Jun-16-2009, 7:56am
The ferns (the real one in the woods) that I like are the delicate ones. You run across them in a dark part of the woods here in the Catskill Mountains of NY. Tom Ellis has captured this delicate (thin) representation in his Fern inlay. Love the shades of color too.

Bill Halsey
Jun-16-2009, 7:56am
My first attempt, c. 1977...


Jun-16-2009, 8:12am
Another Weber Fern but after two Miracle Grow applications.

Adam McKillip
Jun-16-2009, 4:14pm

Philippe :disbelief:
That is phenomenal

Hans. Your mandolins are absolutely gorgeous. Very nice inlay. You should do some more ;) I hope to purchase one someday. :)

And Bill, your first attempt was successful. Very nice!

Keep 'em coming!!!

Jim Hilburn
Jun-16-2009, 5:47pm
One thing that may go unnoticed is how far forward the Loar trussrod pocket is. It has to do with the angle the rod came into the peghead. This gives the rod more leverage than if it was anchored near the nut.
It also made enough room to inlay the lower section of the fern.

Randy King
Jun-16-2009, 6:31pm
Another Fine Fern Inlay From Montana!!!

Adam McKillip
Jun-16-2009, 10:55pm
Never would have known that Jim. Thanks for the info.

And very nice Weber. You got yourself some purdy colors there. :)

Philippe Bony
Jun-17-2009, 5:33am
Another pic...

Fred G
Jun-17-2009, 8:33am