View Full Version : kalamazoo km-12. #need new buttons

Aug-14-2004, 12:11pm
The buttons crumbled away. New tuners or new buttons??? I think this is a km-12 (but it dosen't have the back binding as noted in 'Gruhns Guide') . Any advice on new buttons versus new tuners #will be appreciated. also, anybody willing to sell a clamshell tailpiece cover or know a source for one. Thanks.

T Little
Aug-14-2004, 1:58pm
I would do just the buttons assuming the tuners work- more authentic and less money. The real answer is to have a repairperson look at it in person and give you their opinion.

steve V. johnson
Aug-14-2004, 5:58pm
I have a '36 KM-11, and I've been wrestling with whether or not to change the tuners to newer ones... I'd agree with T, that if you can just replace the buttons, that would be my choice, unless the tuners themselves are bad. Mine are a tad inconsistent, but the do hold tune ok.

There are some nice buttons at StewartMacDonald...

Could you show us a pic of the front of your -12? I don't really know the difference between an -11 and a -12. Any other information about the difference would delight me. <G>