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Bob Andress
Jun-09-2009, 8:51pm
(with a nod to Rod Neep in the title)

This dream started just two months ago when I held a Weber Bitterroot for the first time. I had to have one. With the help of Dennis at The Mandolin Store and Tony at Sound to Earth, my Weber dream came true. Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Custom Weber Coyote. The Coyote is an exclusive model sold at TMS. With Sitka Spruce top, binding through out and a beautiful piece of maple on the back, this baby sounds as sweet as it looks. Very consistent up and down with unbelievable lows. I can't believe how great it sounds on day one and can't wait to see what she does with hours of love.

I wanted a unique look so in addition to the tortoise binding and buckskin/matte finish, I dreamed up a couple of custom features for my Coyote. As you can see the add-ons include: a black-filled tailpiece, diamond markers, black tuner buttons and a great looking maple truss rod cover to match the finish. Trust me, she sounds just as sweet as she looks. My thanks again to everyone at webermandolins.com and themandolinstore.com. Team Vance did it again with excellent service and the fine folks at Weber built an amazing mandolin.

Jun-09-2009, 9:16pm
Bob, that is one sharp looking mando! I like all the options you picked. Enjoy!

Jun-09-2009, 11:04pm

That's a beautiful mandolin. You're gonna love it! Dennis is a great guy and Weber does build simply outstanding mandolins! Now play the hound out it (-:

Bob Andress
Jun-10-2009, 9:02am

Ken Olmstead
Jun-10-2009, 9:54am
Weber dream materializes, I love that phrase! Very nice mandolin!! Now go get a room!! :))

Jun-10-2009, 10:00am
Very nice.

Jun-10-2009, 11:32am
(with a nod to Rod Neep in the title)

Yeah Bob... but I spelled it differently ;)

That looks like yet another great Weber mandolin. Interesting selection of truss rod cover, which I think works really well as a contrast. I really like that colour too.

I am sure that you are loving it as much as I did mine!


Randy King
Jun-10-2009, 5:06pm
Man That Mandolin Is SHARP!!!

Ivan Kelsall
Jun-12-2009, 12:54am
That Mandolin 'looks' like deep,woody tone personified !.Truly a very lovely instrument &the truss rod cover does indeed look great.I wish you many very happy hours playing,that's going to be hard to put down once you pick it up,
Ivan ~:>

Rick Schmidlin
Jun-15-2009, 5:02pm
Super Duper Kool.

You gotta love Webers

Chris Keth
Jun-15-2009, 5:20pm
I love that headstock binding scheme. It's like a tuxedo.:cool:

Jun-16-2009, 8:24am
A nice modern touch to a classic design. Very clean lines. I like the mat finish as well, my gloss finishes get pretty crusty before I'm willing to get the polishing rag out.