View Full Version : new headstock and iii #23

Geoff B
Jun-09-2009, 2:15pm
Happy Tuesday to you all!
Well, just finished this one. Went with a blonde/natural finish with silver hardware and ivoroid binding. I put a new headstock on this, which I really like. Let me know what you think.

Sound comes out of this thing pretty well! I'm uploading a youtube video right now, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxEMeb9L2Qs

Skip Kelley
Jun-09-2009, 2:37pm
Geoff, that is one super cool mandolin! I love your sound holes and your peghead shape. Every thing really flows together nicely. Awesome job!!:)

Jun-09-2009, 2:51pm
Geoff, Great job! Beautiful! Sounds good on the you tube vid too! Kudos to you!

Jun-09-2009, 2:55pm
Crongrads Geoff, looks & sounds great.

Jun-09-2009, 7:18pm
Geoff, I dig the distinctive look you're making for yourself. The mando looks and sounds sweet too! Nice and balanced across the board to my ears.


Jun-09-2009, 7:29pm
Classy. Very Classy.

Dan Adams
Jun-12-2009, 7:15pm
As owner of #21 I can attest to the unique design and sound of Geoff's instruments. I was at a jam the other night and a well known local musician, and really good player compared the sound of my mandolin to a Nugget. The second time another good player has made that remark. Listening to the sound clip of #23, when Geoff went down to the bass strings, I really hear the similarities between #21 and #23. The design of the headstock is reflected in the end of the fretboard and reflects the 'bowtie' f-hole design. Geoff is great to work with and has a passion for making the Triple iii mandolins. Great job again! Dan

Joel Spaulding
Jun-17-2009, 12:52am
# 23 looks superb- will have to wait until not at work to listen - but I think I have an idea how she sounds :)

I have been the steward of iii #17 since its birth 18 months ago and have to echo some of Dan's observations. The bass on these instruments is impressive! After two consecutive sets of Labella JM-11s, I recently returned to the J75s that Geoff uses (AFAIK) on all his builds. These instruments just love the heavier gauges in the bass. On the other end,the e-strings provide some very piano-like tone between the 12th and 17th fret. My technique and repetoire hasn't demanded me to do much more than noodling above the 17th, but there is useful sound to be found.

Geoff's designs provide a great balance between tradition and individuality. My next 8-string purchase, (Geoff willing, of course) will be an A-style OM. Not a question of if, just when. :mandosmiley:

Mike Snyder
Jun-17-2009, 1:05am
The new headstock shape is very cool, but I still like the old shape. I like them both. Thanks, Geoff, for your spirit of innovation. I look foreward to seeing what you come up with next.

Jun-17-2009, 1:13am
Looks great. The workmanship on a blond has to be so much better; nothing can be tucked away under the sunburst.