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Jun-08-2009, 10:41pm
This is my very first mandolin. It is 'The Epiphone' MM-50 VS model I believe. I changed the tailpiece, the bridge, and cut a new bone nut for it.


Here is my Fiddle:


Here is my Guitar:


And here is what half of my living room looks like:



Jun-09-2009, 6:07am
I see a lot of instruments in your room, but don't see evidence of recording devices. If "I" had a room with that level of musical dedication, I'd want to have a couple of reel-to-reels set up for recordings and overdubs......

Great start to a room, however............

John Bertotti
Jun-09-2009, 6:09am
Cool! not married are you. My wife would cut them off if I set up the living room like that.

Bill Snyder
Jun-09-2009, 6:59am
Soupy, look at the photo again. There is a BIG mic set up in the foreground.
As for reel to reels, not many people (or studios) using them anymore.

John Bertotti
Jun-09-2009, 8:28am
I can think of one woodsman still using reel to reels! Hey Spruce you out there.

Jun-09-2009, 11:00am
The recording equipment is just out of the picture to the right. There is also a studio mic in the foreground to the left. My recording equipment is computer based, and a few hand held digital recorders.

To be honest with you, I do not record myself much at all. The recording equipment goes mostly unused. This is because I feel really weird when I try to record myself. Singing is the same way for me.

The way I enjoy myself when attempting to play all of those instruments is mostly by playing with a recording, drum/bass machine, or concert DVD as my band at the time. When I make stuff up I usually forget it when I move onto some other technique, or instrument for a while. I should probably record and write that stuff down, but I feel weird doing that as well.

Yeah, not married. No way in heck a wife would allow you to do that to your living room. If you meet one, or know one that would be cool with that, please send her info my way.

Jim MacDaniel
Jun-09-2009, 12:50pm
...Yeah, not married. No way in heck a wife would allow you to do that to your living room. If you meet one, or know one that would be cool with that, please send her info my way.

You will need to find one who is also a musician and also suffers from some sort of *AS. ;)

Jun-09-2009, 1:06pm
That living room is beautiful.
That is a LIVING room.

Jun-09-2009, 1:07pm
Ditto on " not married" guess ! I love my wife, but she doesn't love my collection of stuff ! Looks like a cool place to chill....

John Bertotti
Jun-09-2009, 1:59pm
I'm actually about 75% there with my wife. Should I run into one that meets you requirments I will send her your way

Rick Schmidlin
Jun-09-2009, 2:49pm
Nice candy store

Jun-09-2009, 3:10pm
No need for a t.v when there's music to be made. Rock on!:mandosmiley:

Jun-10-2009, 3:59am
ow you guys ..there ARE ladies that like rooms like that you know:p
my room is full of instruments..and I m married, to a very nice guy:p who is not a musician but totally supports me
as long as I hoover behind the guitars lol

Jun-10-2009, 5:24am
A "microphone" doth not a recording studio maketh." (It could have simply been attached to an amp and speaker set up, for all we knew from the picture).

"Reel to reels" are STILL the best quality reproduction around (IMHO). "Masters" in the professional studios are still made from reel-to-reel in many studios today. (not all, and becoming scarce, I grant you.......).

Dan Hoover
Jun-10-2009, 6:42am
as long as I hoover behind the guitars lol[/QUOTE]

what do you mean "hoover" around???:disbelief:i'm thinking i should pick my stuff up and run???:grin:cheers

Jun-10-2009, 7:13am
reel to reel? :disbelief:

Jun-10-2009, 7:16am
So, ya into music at all?

Jun-10-2009, 7:34am
Yeah, not married. No way in heck a wife would allow you to do that to your living room. .

Well think of it as "pre-married". Get your toys when your single because there's lots of stuff you can bring into a marriage that she isn't going to ask to you get rid of, but things change the day after.

:)) :crying:

Actually, all kidding aside, anyone, man or woman, really into music would be comfortable in a room like that.

And if not, well that is a piece of information you use in decision making. :whistling:

Bill Snyder
Jun-10-2009, 8:10am
Soupy, I never said that no one is using reel to reels anymore just not many.
We built (as in the construction contractor) a professional recording studio (http://www.awesomeworksrecording.com/new%20studio%20tour.htm) 6 or 7 years ago and there was no reel to reel to be seen.

Jake Wildwood
Jun-10-2009, 9:08am
I'm extremely lucky to have a lovely lady that tolerates a home-made rack of 4 ukes, a tiple, and a charango right above the couch and a couple of guitars and a banjo sitting on stands (not to mention whatever manages to find a seat on our Morris chair) in our living room.

And thankfully for her, the rest of the herd is confined to cases in various rooms upstairs!

D C Blood
Jun-10-2009, 9:29am
Hey Dan, on post #15...I think Kristallyn is meaning vacuuming...referring to hoovering with Hoover vacuums...:whistling:

Dan Hoover
Jun-10-2009, 10:23am
Hey Dan, on post #15...I think Kristallyn is meaning vacuuming...referring to hoovering with Hoover vacuums...:whistling:

yea,i get it..i just find it funny when people say "hoovering" instead of vaccuming..i was visiting a friend in Utah once and we ordered chinese food,told them the name hoover,they all started laughing.....i find a lot of things funny...please don't take me wrong Kristallyn..i'm honored to have hoovered...the names serves me well...cheers

Jun-10-2009, 10:40am
Mmmmmmm...muuuusic rooooommmm...

My wife commented last week that my "music" was taking over the house. I have a stack of tab/chords I've printed off over the years for each of my instruments (mando, guitar, and banjo). I really need to break the guitar up into electric/acoustic and divide by genres, but that would just create more stacks...:)) And that doesn't include the books I actually keep put away...

I'm typically able to get away with keeping a small covered amp and one instrument in the living room (unless I'm actively playing them), but it all goes away when company comes over. Now, her piano is a different story :whistling:

Still, enjoy it while you can. And make sure that if you do get married, your new place will need to have a spare bedroom, office, climate controlled basement or garage that can become your music room, unless you marry someone as nuts as you are (meant in the best way possible :mandosmiley: ), because all that stuff's gonna have to go somewhere...
My wife actually tolerates my obsession well, just not in her living room ;)


Jun-10-2009, 11:44am
O.K. I may as well join in. My wife and I play violin / fiddle. When I moved in to her house ten years ago HER living room looked like this! Piano, accordion, sound equipment and now my guitar and mandolin and three computers with audio software. Yikes, the postal carrier thinks we are a professional studio. The good thing is that our neighbor has the same set-up in THEIR basement, and we live on a corner. (no neighbors on the other side).

Leigh Coates
Jun-10-2009, 12:00pm
Hey, I love your living room. If I wasn't already married I'D MARRY YOU!! My husband isn't too fond of me filling the living room with instruments, but other than that he's OK.