View Full Version : Ideas for a strap on a vintage Tenor

Bernie Daniel
Jun-06-2009, 9:27am
I want to put a leather strap on my 1935 Gibson TG-00.

I have already posted pic of this guitar before but I'll put this one up again to show what I'm talking about.

My question is would you put a strap pin in the neck joint on a vintage like this -- and if not then what?

A long strap starting at the headstock I guess?

The tail pin on the guitar is an antique ivory colored plastic and I have a pin that I could use make a neck joint pin that matches nearly prefectly but I'm just think that might not be the "right" thing to do?


Jun-06-2009, 9:41am
Playing it is your main reason for having it. It's a beautiful tenor, if you are new to the instrument or only playing a few years I'd say no, but if this is your keeper (sounded like it in another thread) and you have wanted one for ages, go ahead and make it more useful to you in the most careful sensitive way possible

Jun-06-2009, 11:51am
i like your idea of using an old pin from the same period, located in proper spot on the heel. guessing there would be no resulting decrease in value. btw, that's a very nice piece you have there!

Bernie Daniel
Jun-06-2009, 5:02pm
Thanks for the comments gentlemen -- I'm pretty good at giving advice to others but not so good at answering my own questions!

I guess I just wanted to see if the thought of putting a pin on the heel of a vintage guitar would set off alarms -- and it didn't.

So I'll think I'll think about the details some more and then proceed with caution. Yes this is definately a keeper and thanks for the kind remarks. :)

Gary Hedrick
Jun-06-2009, 7:15pm
I have a near mint 0-18T and I had a custom made Dudenbostel pin put in the heel of the neck.....I don't want all that stress and twist on a long and slender neck and I like it better there.....I also did the same with my '29 Gibson T-1.....I think you're fine on the issue. Just make it a nice ebony one and you'll be fine.

Bernie Daniel
Jun-07-2009, 4:02pm
Thanks for the infomation!

I was wondering did you put the pin on the side, the front end or the bottom of the heel? The bottom might be nice but might interfere with closing the case?

The bottom of the neck (under the fingerboard) next to the heel might be good too?

Jun-08-2009, 10:11am
Personally I find the heel is the only place to put pins: anywhere else seems like criminal damage, and tends to make an instrument unwieldy! I have a 1964 Martin 0018 and the heel is the perfect place; admittedly the instrument is WELL used (I've had it and gigged it for 25 years!).
Envious of your TG-00, though. And it looks beautiful; I bet it sounds nice too!

Bernie Daniel
Jun-08-2009, 9:48pm
Thanks! That is what I'm going to do! Appreciate all the advice. Yes so far I am very pleased with the sound of this guitar -- as well it plays very smoothly. The setup is about exactly what I like.

I have had a chance to play several of these mid-30's Gibson TG-00 and TG-1 tenors and all sounded great to me.

This seemed to be a great period for Gibson guitars -- they were making the Advanced Jumbo and the J-45R (rosewood) during this time too so they were really on their game I think.

I have played a one of the Martin 0-18T's it was typical power and bright tangy sound. The Martin sound is very unique I think -- I really like it. I sold a mid-60's D-28 many years ago-- I still have no idea what was wrong with me that day.

I've also picked on a Martin tenor was all mahogney (others on this site have discussed it) the 0-17T -- it was nice but I liked the spruce topped 0-18T better.

first string
Jun-16-2009, 10:57am
This is an interesting conundrum. I've been debating putting a pickup in my O-18T for a long time, and just can't bring myself to do it. A strap button seems like less of a thing though. Been thinking of putting one of those on too, and might go through with it eventually, but for now I just tied the strap around the head stock. Works OK, but a strap button would be nice.

Nice tenor you've got there. Would love to try one of those old Gibsons some day.

Bob DeVellis
Jun-16-2009, 4:28pm
The two spots I like for strap buttons are (1) the treble side of the heel; and (2) just next to the treble side of the heel, where the treble rib approaches the neck, with the screw going into the neck block. Both are secure locations, giving the screw plenty to bite onto, and they typically don't interfere with putting the instrument in its case (although that may vary, depending on the case). On a tenor, I favor the latter, because their neck heels aren't as hefty as a six-string's. The neck block extends a fair amount past the heel, to either side, and that just seems like a good, solid, safe place to put a hole and a screw.

Bernie Daniel
Jun-17-2009, 1:22pm
bob Devillis:The two spots I like for strap buttons are (1) the treble side of the heel; and (2) just next to the treble side of the heel, where the treble rib approaches the neck, with the screw going into the neck block.

Thanks Bob -- that is exactly where I ended up putting the button on mine --treble side of the heel -- that way the the strap wraps around the bottom of the neck and the weight of the guitar is actully securing the strap onto the button and not acting to pull it off!

Jun-21-2009, 4:44pm
Theres always the Mariachi type strap. sling over your head, and under that T.G./or nylon string guitar.

Ala Willie Nelson, .. it hooks over the lower edge of that round sound-hole, need install nothing then ...