View Full Version : About to purchase a mandobird

Aug-13-2004, 1:47pm
Im about to put down some cash for a new epi mandobird and amp to go with it.
The music store which im buying it through has a very flexible negotiation table and they tend to not know what the price range is for most mandos.
So there comes my question;
What is the most reasonable price for a brand new four-string epiphone mandobird. Also what is the best amp for a mandobird and what is the best price for that amp?

mad dawg
Aug-13-2004, 2:31pm
It seems the standard price on the internet for the Mandobird IV is $199, including Eldery.com.

Aug-16-2004, 7:19pm
Man, the amp question is a tough one. It really depends on what you're using it for, and how you want it to sound. That will determine what you need for wattage, and help direct your shopping with regard to brand as well. I'd start by ignoring anything that's not tube driven, and go from there. There have been lots of threads on this board that you could search. Good luck!