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Aug-13-2004, 11:37am
WHile I was browsing the Fender site for info on another thread I found this:
Fender webpage (http://www.fender.com/products/show.php?seek=acoustics_folkmusicinternationalseri es_celticstylefolkinstruments)

Wonder what factory?

Aug-17-2004, 4:33pm
The zouk looks very familar. Not a million miles away from a 'Trinity College' or the 'Ashbury that Hobgoblin supply in the UK. I think that the latter is now made in Korea. Does Fender have a factory in that neck of the woods?

Steve Power

Aug-23-2004, 8:57am
I hope the sound is very good.

The first who try it, can he post an opinion ?

Ted Eschliman
Aug-23-2004, 10:25am
Played one at the Summer NAMM show.
For the upper $400s street price (460-489?), if they are close to the display model, they are a pretty good value. Not a "steal," but as good as anything else out there in this price range.
Nice to see a major manufacturer embracing this. It's a sign of a healthy niche market.

Sep-14-2004, 9:58am
The bridge is set back alot further on the Fender zouk than on a Trinity College, which I have to believe will effect the response; I also noticed it has electronic controls on the side....

Oct-20-2004, 2:41am
i'm interesting by this instrument for a 2nd instrument.

Other one try this items ?

Oct-20-2004, 10:59am
Still haven't tried one. I'm due to go shopping in a few weeks; it's on my list to seek out.
My real hope is to see it side by side with the 'offbrand' models (Trinity, etc.) and compare.

Oct-21-2004, 4:06am
I m suprise with the body depht notice on website : 1.85 http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/rock.gif the same for a mandolin

Do you think it's a mistake ?

Mandohack, you are the first tryer, can you tell us the body depht( who give the bass answer)

Oct-21-2004, 12:56pm
The bridge is set back alot further on the Fender zouk than on a Trinity College, which I have to believe will effect the response; I also noticed it has electronic controls on the side....
I noticed this when Mandohack first discussed these instruments..

Did you get a chance to play it plugged in, Ted?

Oct-22-2004, 3:15am
I'm happy !

In a great music store near Paris( MILONGA - Noisy Le Grand), i spoke yesterday about the Fender Octave mandolin.
The fender's supplier was here, and said to me that it's a mistake for the body depth.
The director will command a few octave mandolin ( 3-5 instruments) and i'll could try it !

yeah, yeah !http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Dec-06-2004, 7:49pm
Any update on the fender Zouk Lads im kinda intrested on hearing a bit more about it anyone bought one? hows it sound in a Session?


Ted Eschliman
Dec-31-2004, 6:17am
I picked up one of the O.M.s for myself, and I must say this is a classic case of "ya get what ya pay for..."
Nice binding, really the cosmetics are amazing for what you pay, but there are some real functional issues.
It's going to need some major fretwork to keep from buzzing in the two lower course, but maybe that's because they come with GgDdAAEE tuning (octave on the two lower courses). I switched to GGDDAAEE with some GHS Phosphor bronze. The tuners aren't holding well, and it's hard to "micro-tune" without them slipping several Hz away. (That's driving me crazy)
It sounds pretty good plugged in; I forgot it came with a pickup (Fishman?), so that's a nice bonus.
I suppose I pay for the fret job, replace with professional tuners, then I'll have a terrific working instrument, but at double the price.
My store ordered these at Summer NAMM (July) it took 5 months to get. Now Fender is 90+ days back-ordered, so they are a bit scarce (we are a Fender Dealer). Still, I'm glad to see them embrace this market. I think for the time being however, much like most of the entry level "import" product, it will be the luck of the draw as far as "craftsman" consistency. Some of these coming out of the box will be horrible, some may be a diamond in the rough with a little extra work.